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My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Director: Ivan Reitman
Cast: Uma Thurman, Luke Wilson, Anna Farris,
Eddie Izzard, Rainn Wilson

Written by:
Ricardo Barberini

December 26, 2006

Filmmakers have made fun of every possible story and situation.  There have been parodies of crime, drama and even science fiction stories.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is another one of those cheap entertainment movies with no artistic merit whatsoever.


One wonders how these producers and directors get these huge amounts of money to spend on these projects.  Of the hundreds of movies that are produced in Hollywood and elsewhere around US and other parts of the world only a few of them ever make it to the big screen and even there many end up as duds.  The rest are destined for the straight to video market.  I know even I could make better movies for a third of the money that is spent on some of the junk that is churned out every year.

The story of the movie is quite simple.  A nice looking architect played by Luke Wilson meets a girl (Uma Thurman) who is a superhero.  In real life she is Jenny the shy and neurotic girl who is not sure of herself.  She falls for him but he is not really interested in him beyond a short fling.  Luke is really in love with his sexy and petite coworker Anna Faris, but Anna has a super model boyfriend who sleeps around.

As is usual in the superhero yarns, there is a villain named professor Bedlam played by the English comedian Eddie Izzard.

Luke tries to dump the superhero girlfriend with disastrous results.  Finally, his coworker Anna also becomes a superhero by touching the magical meteorite and they all live happily ever after.

I did not think much of acting by Luke Wilson or Anna Faris.  I am a fan of Eddie Izzard but he was not given the right material to work with in this movie. 

What surprised me was Uma Thurman.  An actress who has the makings of greatness and has played in many wonderful movies just walked through this movie.  She put on a few scenes of girlish charm and tantrum none of them really convincing.  What a waste.  And I could not believe that she was paid $14,000,000 for her pranks. There were actually only a few other actors in this movie so there is not much more to say about the others.

The DVD is probably worth renting since it is harmless and brainless so small kids could enjoy it also.  There are few scenes of simulated sex that are more farcical than serious so you may want to consider that if you decide to rent this movie.

We will give this movie star.

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