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See No Evil

See No Evil
Directed By:
Gregory Dark
Cast: Glan Jacobs,
Christina Vidal, Luke Pegler, Samantha Nobel

Written by:
Torence Fallen

December 28, 2006

See No Evil is a typical horror movie portraying a group of young jailed men and women being chased by a Mad Man throughout a spooky large hotel.


The young men and woman are serving time in jail for things like shoplifting, drug possession, intent to sell, computer fraud, assault and breaking and entering.  These kids are given the opportunity to do some clean up work at an abandoned hotel for 3 days to reduce 1 month off their sentence.

They arrive at The Blackwell Hotel, met by a woman who claims she is a historian who restores landmark buildings and is restoring this hotel to house the homeless.

The first night they wander in small groups throughout the hotel, and are met by a large Mad Man played by Professional Wrestler Kane.  He kills them one by one and gouges their eyes out and keeps them in jars.   He is fascinated by one girl who has many religious tattoos.  He cages her and keeps her alive while killing the others. 

Near the end we find out that this Mad Man has come from an abusive childhood, where he was caged, and tormented by his mother who tells him that he is sinful and bad.  She tells him that if he SEES the sins of others, like women in pornography and people who use drugs, etc. he will be “The hand of God”;  i.e., doing God’s work, killing the sinners. 

We find out that woman who is acting as a historian doing good for the homeless has just brought the homeless and these young people to the hotel for the Mad Man, who is her son, to be killed, cleansed by “the hand of God”, i.e.; murdered.

A few, like most horror film make it out alive. 

This movie is pretty typical of a horror film.  However, the cinematography is wonderful.  The scenes are gory and will please the horror fan.  Its 1hr and 24min length is perfect for its content.  It’s a great rental, and I am giving it starstar.

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