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Woman in Black
Reviewer: Torrence Fallen
Director: James Watkins
Cast: Daniel Radcliff, Sophie Stuckey, Rodger Allam, Lucy May Barker, Ciaran Hinds, Shaun Dooley, Alfie Osborne

The big-screen adaptation of Susan Hill’s novel The Woman in Black is a fully of scary surprises with a melodramatic feel. Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliff) is sent by his firm to the Eel Marsh House in the remote village of Crythin Gifford to find out more information about the house. Once there he is greeted with angry, unwilling townspeople who don’t want anything to do with him, or his business there.

Kipps does enter the house, and begins to unfold the mysteries within it and why the townspeople are so unwilling to welcome him there. It appears there's been an epidemic of children dying painfully as a result of the late woman who haunted the Ell Marsh House otherwise known as the woman in black. If anyone laid eyes on the woman in black, a child would be taken to death.

Kipp had seen the woman in black, and by will of her curse, children were dying. Kipp, having a boy of his own, is determined to undo the curse set upon this town. After reading letters found at the house, he believes that if he reunites the bodies of the woman in black and her son, who was unfairly taken from her, then she would stop her curse. Her son drowned in the mud outside the mansion, so this is where Kipp begins his search. He reunites the body of son and mother and breathes a sigh of relief, certain the curse is now broken
Eager to leave town, he meets his son and his son’s nanny at the train station. As they get off, Kipp instructs the nanny they will be returning back home on the next train. As Kipp gloats about his good deed done at the Ell Marsh House, we see his boy become entranced. He walks towards the train tracks in the path of the incoming train; we see the woman in black is luring him there. Kipp jumps down to the track to save him, as we see a train full of zombie like children ride past....all goes white. Did he manage to save his son? Why is the woman in black unsatisfied with what Kipp has done for her?

The film is scattered with surprises that make you jump out of your seat. Screams and squeals from eerie objects and the woman in black herself are around every corner. One cannot get too comfy watching this definitely keep you wondering ....what is coming next!