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attack force Attack Force
Directed By:
Michael Keusch
Cast: Steven Seagal, Lisa Lovbrand, David Kennedy, Matthew Chambers, Danny Webb

Written by:
Ricardo Barberini

June 25, 2007

Years ago, Steven Seagal was promoted to be an action hero great, kind of replacement for Arnold.


Well, in the past ten years or so his movies have gone from bad to worse.  They were never good anyway.  The best they got was mediocre.  The fact that Steven gets money to make this trash is a testament to the taste of millions of people in US and around the world that buy his DVD’s.

This movie ranks as one of Steven Seagal’s worst videos.  We will not dignify it by calling it a movie. 

There is hardly any plot associated with this conspiracy video.  The government has developed a highly toxic and yet addictive drug called CTX which increases the subjects’ sensory powers as well as their agility. However, at the slightest provocation, these zombies turn extremely violent and with their ever present blades that they seem to be carrying, even while dancing half naked, slash anybody around them.

Steven and his buddies Dwayne (David Kennedy) and Tia (Lisa Lovbrand) are determined to stop this army of villainous blood thirsty monsters by killing all of them.  They discover their hideout which is inside an old Cathedral.  In the ensuing battle, all the bad guys and most of the good guys get slashed and hacked to death including Steven’s two friends.  The director Michael Keusch has relied on violent scenes of murder and mayhem with the razor sharp blades and semi-automatics to compensate for the lack of any plot at all.

The story was boring and disjointed with no continuity.  It was written by someone who perhaps had no high school education or any knowledge of current affairs.  The action was supposed to happen in France, so the caption on the screen proudly proclaims “France, Europe.”  I guess not many people in the cast knew France was in Europe.  Maybe there is a France in Asia as well.  Also, they show the French police acting in a very subordinate role to the American military.  The French kicked out the American forces out of France back in the Sixties when de Gaulle was the president.  To have a US admiral overseeing the French police force?  Let’s get real guys!

The video was directed by Michael Keusch.  It was shot in Bucharest, Romania, which in case the writers did not know it, is in Europe.  However, the cinematography was so dark that it could have been filmed in a back alley in Kasbah. 

As for acting Steven Seagal has never been a great actor but at least he used to be mean and lean.  Recently he has been putting on weight and we are not sure how much of his hair is for real.  He has lost his nimbleness.  This is very obvious in the last battle scene when he is trying to defend himself against a woman literally half his size.   The only good acting, of sorts, was by Adam Crossdell who plays Aroon the evil co-inventor of CTX. 

The only thing we liked about this video was the background music.  With this video, we are introducing a new category called Absurd. Absurd is something that is meaningless and/or ludicrous.  

Category:  Absurd, Horror, Crime

We give this movie star.   Watching it was a waste of our time.  Definitely not good for children of any age.

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