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balls of fury
Balls of Fury
Directed by:
Ben Garant
Cast: Dan Fogler, Christopher Walken, George Lopez, Maggie Q, Aisha Tyler, James Hong

Written by:

September 24, 2007

Randy Daytona (Fogler) is a washed out ping-pong prodigy, who is recruited by an FBI agent (Lopez) to help obtain the well- known organized crime mogul, Feng (Walken). 


The only way to gain access to his secret hide-out is by entering a tournament "to the death".  Feng, is assisted by the lovely Mahogany, (Tyler) who performs his "eliminations", by way of dart.   There's one problem though, Daytona hasn't competed since the death of his father (Patrick) when he was 12.  So he enlists the help of Master Wong (Hong) and his beautiful niece, Maggie (Q), to retrain him in the art of table tennis.  Daytona must succeed in order to live, and save the life of Maggie, who he has fallen for.

I went to this movie with a very open mind, yet, I don't know why, because of all the sports comedies done recently, the only one I deemed worthy of my time, was Dodgeball.  And this flick was certainly not anywhere close.  Not even Chris Walken could save this one from the lousy script/plot, character development, and awkward romance.  I was thinking through the movie, things that I needed to remember to pack for the lake this weekend; blow dryer, iPod radio, deodorant, etc.  I laughed a few times but there was nothing fresh, or new to add to our growing repertoire of quotable lines.  The people that brought you Reno 911, had a hand in making this picture, although it does not show.  The only memorable parts for me involved, Thomas Lennon, who was brilliant as Karl Wolfschtagg, Daytona's arch nemesis.  I wanted him to be the hero, boo.  Anyway, I won't be wasting any more time on this movie, and neither should you.  Blech.  Questionable Trivia:  Aisha Tyler quit work on Ghost Whisperer, to pursue a movie career, and this is the best she's done so far.?  Bold woman, bold…

balls of fury

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