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basic instinct 2 Risk Addiction

Basic Instinct 2 -
Risk Addiction
Directed by:
Michael Caton-Jones
Cast: Sharon Stone, David Morrissey, David Thewlis, Charlotte Rampling

Written by:
Torence Fallen

February 28, 2007

Who done it!?  Who do you trust? Those are the questions this movie explores.


In the sequel to the first sexy Basic Instinct, we again are seduced by Catherine Tramell.  She is still an author whose books illustrate an uncanny resembles to her real life, only this time in England.  Catherine latches onto a physiatrist, Michael Glass, (David Morrissey) who was sent to evaluate her mental state after being charged with the murder of her lover, after the car she was driving flew off a road and into a river, where he drowned.  After being found not guilty, she convinces him to take her on as a client.  The two meet for psychiatric seasons, as she slowly but surely seduces him.  He tries to resist her, only to find everyone around him being murdered.

Eventually her seductive ways overtake him, and the two get together.  But can he really trust her? Why is it that since she came into his life everything has been turned upside down?

This movie keeps you intrigued the whole way through.  Sharon Stone still has amazing sex appeal, and she displays it in every sexy outfit she wears.  The sex scenes are graphic, and portray her need for danger and taking risks.  The end is anything but a disappointment, but you will still be left questioning who really did it!


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