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Directed by:
Rober Zemeckis
Cast: Ray Winestone, Robin Wright Penn, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie

Written by:
Hollywood IQ

December 28, 2007

In 5th century Scandinavia, a hero, Beowulf (Winstone) and entourage (Gleeson), journey to the Kingdom Heorot, to help King Hrothgar (Hopkins) and his aid, Unferth (Malkovich), kill the dastardly demon, Grendel (Glover) while simultaneously pining for, Queen Wealthow (Wright-Penn).  


However, upon achieving his goal, he unleashes a curse of his own after being sent to kill the vengeful mother of Grendel (Jolie).  She seduces him into sireing a son for her, and in return for a golden horn, she promises him many-a-fruitful day as royalty, to which he acccepts.  After years of immortal combat as King, Beowulf is faced with satisfying his misdeeds, after the golden horn shows up, by slaying his dragondemon-son.

Naked Beowulf!  It's how he rolls.  The glory of being a hero is that you can do it however you please, and you can have all the women and mead you want, and still be loved.  So, I loved the visual elements of this movie.  The technique was that of "Polar Express-dom" and much improved, except the lifeless "
Shrek-Face" on all the female characters.  The ancient poem was strayed from a tad bit more than I would have liked, but none-the-less, a great Hollywoodized version.  Much more talent was involved in this take, which makes it mo better.  Story wise, as it progressed, the yelling, and chauvinism, was a bit over done, with Beowulf nearly referring to himself in the third person, a lot.  I did like that he was after all still a man, with weaknesses and flaws.  It makes it more human, I think.  A bloody violent PG13 rating, that makes it seem tame, but it’s not really.


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