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blood and donuts

Blood and Dounts
Directed by:
Holly Dale
Cast: Gordon Currie, Justin
Louis; Helene Clarkson, Fiona Reid

Written by:
Jaysin Champion
AKA Jay Decay

June 5, 2006

You know for the longest time I didn't know how to approach this movie, I had these deep feelings that it was going to be some dumb low rated B budget flick that was trying to mock the vampire genre but I was wrong.


This movie is more like the lightsidedness of the race of vampire movies in that the only vampire in the movie is kind hearted and doesn't WANT to feet off humans, and for that I give this movie

Alright. The first thing that I noticed about this movie is that it as shot on film. How do I know you ask? Because it crackles through the whole movie which is ok though seeing as the movie is in great quality otherwise. Secondly they had a great soundtrack for the movie which was great, they played Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde twice which was fantastic seeing as I love that song, so it kinda set me at a good mood throughout.

So this Boya, the vampire, played by Gordon Currie who had been in many many various movies and tv shows including Highwaymen, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Puppetmaster 4, and even an episode of 21 Jump Street, played a great role as Boya, the strange, shy, quiet, sexually unaware vampire. Now he befriends this strange talking cabby Earl played by tv star Justin Louis, who sounds like Snagglepuss the cartoon character. Anyways they go in their mixed adventures also envolving Donut store clerk Molly in their strange little side stories. Of course everyone in this movie has bad eyebrows and terrible hair but that's not the point, the point is the movie was almost.... Dare I say it... Cute.

Boya keeps being confronted by his ex Rita throughout the movie and later she tries to commit suicide in his hotel room after complaining that she wanted him to turn her into a vampire. For some reason she get's kinda tossed aside for other issues, that being a couple of mobster like guys lead by the great DAVID CRONENBURG as his character Steven. He did such a great roll for a cameo, and it's always good to see he's still floating around.

Anyways this movie is a cute little love story and leason learner and I can't help but think that it was good enough to own. Bottom shelf of corse but it's one to watch on boring sunday evenings.

Best thing of all, I found out that if you use donut filling, screwdrivers and jumper cables, you can resuscitate your friends... if they are otherwise...dead..

The breakdown of BLOOD AND DONUTS is as follows :

Body Count : 3 Rats, 5 Pigeons and one very depressing human death.

Boob Count : 0, and gross me out, I saw a vampire's ass shot in this flick! Can we please keep our asses to ourselves gentlemen and vampires!?.

Other : One sex scene in which the two having the sex werent' even in the same ROOM! Oh if only I had that power BAM, I'd be sexin alone at night!

Jay Decay's Rating :

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