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Directed by:
Frank Oz
Cast: Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Heather Graham, Christine Baranski , Jamie Kennedy

Written by:
Matt Booth

October 9, 2007

When two of Hollywood's most creative minds collaborate on a movie, the results are usually a hit. The two here are Steve Martin and Frank OZ. The movie is Bowfinger.


Martin wrote and stars as Bobby Bowfinger, an unknown Hollywood director, who must find a way to get a movie made at all costs. OZ directs this comedy that also stars Eddie Murphy in a dual role as Kit Ramsey, one of Hollywood's biggest stars and his nerdy brother Biff.

Bowfinger has a limited budget and not much of a resume, but is determined to get Kit Ramsey to star in his movie. Even if he does not know it. He comes up with a sneaky plan and enlists the help of a zany cast of characters to pull it off. The story begins when Bowfinger is given a script that he is sure will be a success, by an unknown writer from India.

The supporting actors that try out for his movie include Christine Baranski and the very hot Heather Graham. They have a blast helping Bowfinger make his movie called Chubby Rain. There are a bunch of very funny parts including a priceless scene filmed on a LA freeway during Rush Hour. Terence Howard is hilarious as Kit Ramsey's therapist. 

I'm sure you will have many belly laughs watching this film, as the script flows like a river to a joyous ending. Your ear drums will be happy too, as music is by David Newman! 


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