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dead mans chest

Pirate of the Carribean
Dead Man's Chest
Directed by:
Gore Verbinski
Cast: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Stellan Skarsgard, Bill Nighy

Written by:
Ricardo Barbrini

October 22, 2006

Elizabeth Swann’s (Keira Knightley)  and Will Turner’s (Orlando Bloom)  planned marriage is disrupted by the arrival of the mysterious Lord Cutler Becket who accuses them of aiding in the escape of Jack Sparrow and throws them both in prison.  He releases Will Turner on condition that he get Jack Sparrow’s compass away from him and deliver it to him.


Jack needs to find the key to Davy Jones’s chest to get hold of Davy Jones’s heart and free himself from his curse.  Will Turner wants the key to trade for the compass to trade for Elizabeth’s freedom.  Elizabeth who has escaped from Jail is searching for Jack to get the compass.  In the process, she is attracted to Jack!   Davy Jones is hoping to catch the Black Pearl and all hands and turn them into his underwater slaves.  Davy Jones’s secret weapon is the Kraken or a gigantic monster of an octopus.

Unlike the first Pirates movie, I found the story somewhat disjointed.  It was somewhat difficult to follow and it lacked the originality of the first one.  Whereas in the first movie, you just sat back and enjoyed a smooth story, here we had several subplots.  The dreaded Lord Becket from East India Company is two continents away from India where he is supposed to be.   And how did Jack materialize from nowhere alive in a coffin after being in the torture island where the birds were picking up victim’s eyeballs?  And, what was the witch (Naomie Harris) doing in the middle of this movie except to confuse the plot?  Apart from the fact that one had to concentrate hard to understand her accent.

The acting by Johnny Depp was fine as usual although not as unexpected.  Orland Bloom’s performance was acceptable.  Keira Knightly with her square jaw just walked through the movie.  Jonathan Pryce, if directed properly, can be a very good actor as he proved in Evita.  However, the director did not do much for him in this movie.  The special effects were superb, and so was the fighting scene on the water wheel. 

What this movie really lacked was a good script.  Too much comedy mixed with action and not enough drama.

So overall, I give this movie starstarand a half stars. Also, due to its sometimes gruesome content we would not advise it for young children.   We hope the next installment will be better. 

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