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Fright Night
Reviewer: Torrence Fallen
Director: Craig Gillespie
Cast: Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Toni Collette, David Tennant, Imogen Poots, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco, Chris Sarandon

“Fright Night! Who's it going to be tonight?!” Classic theme song by the J. Geils band… I went into this movie singing! Absolutely sure that somewhere in or at the end of this new take on a classic I would hear this song in some form or another….

Let's travel together to a town, where all the houses look the same, in a nice square patch of earth, a place where everyone but the kids sleep in the day and work at night….a few miles outside of Las Vegas. Here we meet Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) a teen living with his single mom. Mom and son are pondering why their new neighbor has been removing so much concrete from his house, and why there has been a dumpster in his driveway for so long.

We spend the day at school with Charley, his beautiful girlfriend Amy (Imogen Poots) who oozes sex appeal with every glance she gives Charley, his new friends, and his oldest friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is desperate for his attention, and in need of his help. It appears that their friend has gone missing and Ed wants help searching his home for his whereabouts.

Darkness falls, Charley comes home to find his mother (Toni Collette) talking or shall I say flirting with the new neighbor Jerry (Colin Farrell). We engage in an awkward conversation. Charley realizes he has forgotten meeting Ed, and he runs to meet him, where they explore the house of their missing friend.

After finding nothing at their friend's home, Ed encounters Jerry, where we see that Ed, who believed Jerry was a vampire, is correct! Blood sucking continues as Charley comes to believe that Ed was right in his worries and the battle between man vs. vampire engages.

Charley enlists the help of Las Vegas performer Peter Vincent (David Tennant) a self-proclaimed, performer vampire slayer. He lives in one of the Las Vegas hotels, in an intriguing penthouse, with many vampire hunting tools and artifacts. Reluctant and ultimately afraid to help Charley, he throws Charley out. Only to find that the clues that Charley had with him, were real vampire artifacts.

Battle ensues between Jerry and Charley. Jerry hunts Charley, his mom and girlfriend. Peter Vincent calls Charley and tells him to come over. He gives him tools and knowledge to battle the vampire.

There is an awesome battle in the end, where Jerry, in full fighting vampire gear, defeats Jerry, turning all he has turned into vampires, back to normal people. We see classic vampire fighting. Using tools of sunlight, fire, and of course a blessed steak thru the heart!

The 3-D effects left me wanting more. But I have to say, that when blood was spraying in 3-D it looked amazing!! Perfect for the horror fan!

So the movie ends….and I was ready for my J.Geils song to start….and I was disappointed…it wasn't Fright Night. But it was an awesome version of Jay'z ‘99 Problems' remade by Hugo. This song, along with the recap in 3-D of all the blood splatter had me glued in my seat rocking to the beat! Hugo's song is awesome…powerful…wonderf….but that… friends, is a different type of review. ;)

Fright Night! 2.5 stars