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green street hooligans Green Street Hooligans
Directed by:
Lexi Alexander
Cast: Elijah Wood, David Alexander, Geoff Bell, Joel Beckett, Charlie Hunnam

Written by:
James Warren

February 17, 2007

Green Street Holligans is an excellent movie about the underground strret gangs in England.

  Matt Buchner (Elijah Wood) gets expelled from Harvard, for taking the fall for his room mate’s cocaine found in their room, and heads to England to be with his sister. Once in England he falls into his brother in law, Pete’s group of friends who turn up to be the GSC,  a well known firm (a street gang).  This starts off right away when he joins them at a soccer game and ends up in a street brawl, his first of many.

He becomes tight with Pete, and is exposed to the life of the underground camaraderie of this brutal gang.  He chooses to run with this gang, all the while keeping a journal of the event that take place.  Turmoil unfold as one of the members uncovers the secret of his journal keeping, through a chance sighting of Matt and his father at the Time newspaper headquarters.  His loyalty is then questioned.  But when the smoke clears, it is one of the CSG’s own who has put the gang into trouble on their own turf

I found this movie to have many realistic fight scenes, full of blood, anger, loyalty and good insight to the reality of what is out there. The bricks flew while the blood shed, a display of what true camaraderie was portrayed.  The movie showed how when you stand your ground your reputation grows, making you a stronger individual in any situation.


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