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Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows 2
Reviewer: Richard Tara
Director: David Yates
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Matthew Lewis, Tom Felton, Michael Gambon, Evanna Lynch

If you have not seen the first episode of this movie and/or not read the story of Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, then please look at the following link first:

Also, see the bottom of this review for a complete list of Harry Potter movies and the year of production.

We waited until two weeks after the release of the movie to post our review.  We wanted to see how people, in general, felt about the final episode of this blockbuster series.

Lord Voldemort, the evil lord of magic has obtained the Elder Wand after having Snape (Alan Rickman) kill Dumbledore (Michael Gambon.) The Elder Wand is the most powerful wand that can give its holder amazing powers over all other magicians. However, Voldemort is not sure about the loyalty of the wand since he feels that Snape being the original owner has still some power over the wand.

Harry still has two more Horcruxes to destroy to weaken the power of Voldemort. One of them is a magic Tiara (diadem) and the other is Nagini, the nasty snake that follows Voldemort at all times. Voldemort wants to get rid of Harry Potter as soon as possible so he amasses an army of evil to attack Hogwarts which is shielding Harry Potter and his friends.  At the same time, he meets Snape (Alan Rickman) and orders his snake Nagini to kill Snape since he reasons that since the Elder Wand originally belonged to Snape, the wand has divided (conflicted) loyalties and by killing Snape the wand will be obeying him only. Little does he realize that Snape was not the real owner of the wand anyway!

The attack of the army of evil (the followers of Voldemort) kills many of the students and the teachers at Hogwarts.   The Slitherins students want to hand  Harry Potter to to Lord Voldemort to stop the terror but the rest of the students rally around and protect Harry.

Harry Potter, tracks Snape who had disappeared from Hogwarts.  He finds Snape as he is dying from the bites of Nagini, the evil snake. Snape asks Harry to collect his memory and play it later in the headmaster's office.  Harry collects the memory, which is in form of tear drops, and learns that Snape was really in love with his mother since childhood and has been trying to protect him against Voldemort ever since Harry's birth by playing a double role as an agent of Voldemort while really trying to shield Harry from evil.

From reading Snape's memories, Harry also learns that he must die before he can destroy Voldemort since part of Voldemort's essence was instilled in him on the night that his parents were slayed by Voldemort.

To save the lives of the remaining students and teachers at Hogwarts, Harry decides to face Voldemort in mortal combat in the forest, knowing well that he will be killed at his hands.  But, little does he know that the death also means a rebirth.

This movie is really a wonderful capstone to the seven  Harry Potter movies that we have seen in the last ten years.  And a tribute to the Author, J.K. Rowling.   It explains many things, including Snape's erratic behavior toward Harry throughout  the series and also why Dumbledore was killed and even shows the softer, more cowardly, side of Malfoys near the end. The evil Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) is more evil than ever but not very effective in this episode.

The story is closely based on the book and thanks to Rowling's iron hand in controlling the script. The movie has followed her books almost too meticulously.

The special effects are a major part of this picture. Acting takes second place to the wonderful computerized magic.  When you look at it from that point of view, almost any actor could have played the main role, that is except Daniel Radcliffe as Harry.  Radcliff is so personified as Harry and has to find his way going forward in a hopefully very long career. Emma Watson as Hermione Granger is wonderful and sexy as a preadolescence young girl with boiling hormones.

The direction by David Yates is fine, but really he had A) a wonderful script, B) A readymade worldwide Audience, C) Good Actors and D) Great Special Effects at his disposal.  It is more like directing a Pixar movie.

As for actors, we foresee a great career for Radcliffe and Watson.  Emma Watson has the sexual vibrancy plus some acting abilities. Radcliffe has name recognition and some talent.  The rest of the cast (other than the professionals Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon and Maggie Smith) may find tidbits of roles here and there and you won't remember them in a few years' time.

I give this movie 4 Stars. Kids under 12 should not really see this movie because of its violence and mind altering effects.

List if Harry Potter Movies:

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    2. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (2002)
    3. Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
    4. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (2005)
    5. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (2007)
    6. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince (2009)
    7. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1 (2010)
    8. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 (2011)