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The current decade which I would like to call zeros, started with the burst of the bubble on Wall Street.  Millions lost their jobs. The investors lost billions of dollars that were invested in the fly by night dot com companies. The 9/11 terror attack did not help matters either.  The whole world was stunned.   Somehow, I think that we are still in denial.

As a nation and I would hazard and say the whole world, we are getting more profoundly into fantasy and supernatural.   More and more we see people believing in angels, demons and ghosts and the paranormal.

The movies have also followed the same trend.   Consider the following:

Spiderman (2002) which was based on a cartoon character developed by Stan Lee for kids. In fact, it was a cartoon show on TV for years. Suddenly, it became popular with adults and achieved the blockbuster status.   The Harry Potter series.  That was another fictional book about the supernatural written specifically for the kids and yet enjoying a huge adult audience.

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) another successful fantasy.  Johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow, the pirate with astonishing skill. The character seemed to be high on something, lilting about three feet off the ground, throughout the movie.  Somehow or other it worked.  Some would say that Johnny Depp was playing himself.

Another fantasy trilogy was the X men series.

The grand daddy of all the magical movies was the Lord of the Rings trilogy.   Expertly crafted and played.  It made hundreds of millions of dollars in net profit.


Let us conclude this section by talking about another paranormal movie, the Da Vinci Code.  A novelist's flight of the imagination.  Yet, look at all the controversy that it caused in the religious sector.  This is the danger of starting to believe in fiction as fact

The second part of the decade maybe different.  So, far it seems fantasies and some dramas have a long way to go.  Who knows, with all the dangers of war and terror around us, we will need a dose of fantasy.