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Directed by:
Eli Roth
Cast: Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjonsson, Barbara Nedeljakova

Written by:
Jaysin Champion
AKA Jay Decay

May 28, 2006

Personally I didn't know what to expect with this movie, I hear two sides of the spectrum. Now Eli Roth doesn’t have a big library and Cabin Fever was such a let down so I decided to wait until Hostel came to DVD before even watching it.


Now you figure for a guy that is to direct Steven King's new book in a movie "Cell" and doing a remake of The Bad Seed, he might have some credibility towards getting those gigs.

First of all I do want to say that the idea of having an underground place to go and kill people at your own leisure without being found out and jailed is a GREAT idea, don’t get me wrong, I mean that alone in a movie would have sold it and I think it may be the only credible aspect of this movie besides the great gore and LOTS of nice boob-age, but I found myself bored for the first half of the movie which threw me off, now if you read my prior review on Wolf Creek understand I watched these two movies almost back to back and needless to say I had a unenjoyable time. I DO however think that the special 5 second cameo of Takashi Mike *Director of such movies as Gozu, Ichi the Killer and Happiness of the Kitikuris" was a great little tinge but alas this movie gave me the understanding of why I really didn't care to watch it. If this movie had the first half of it cut off and the last half dragged out to the end, that would have been nice, but by the time the good stuff came up I was already jaded and bored. Now if you’re not a die hard horror fan and give a crap about story line go ahead, indulge yourself, but if you were expecting non stop gore like most people expect from the Saw Movies...... Go to scene selections and pass all the BS, it's boring!

Jay Decay's Rating: chainsaw chainsaw

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