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hurlyburly HurlyBurly
Directed by:
David Drazan
Cast: Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn, Meg Ryan, Kevin Spacey, Gary Shandling

Written by:
Matt Booth

August 20, 2007

For those of you who love movies with heavy dialog please have a look at "HurlyBurly".  This character driven Drama rocks from the opening scene.


Sean Penn is Eddie, a cocaine sniffing Hollywood hotshot who shares his Home in the Hills with Mickey played by Kevin Spacey. Their show business financed lifestyle includes friends like Phil played by Chazz Palminteri. He is an out of work actor who is emotionally unstable and Artie played by Garry Shandling who brings over toys like Donna (Anna Paquin). She is a sexy piece of “tits and ass” for them to share and likes their swimming pool. Both Eddie and Mickey love Darlene, a very hot number played by Robin Wright (Sean Penn's real life wife). They all love to hang out, party and delve into deep discussions about and their souls and talk about how they have a viable relationship with reality. As Eddie is a mentor to Phil, he decides to set him up with Donna played by Meg Ryan, who is known for her spontaneous Blow Jobs and Love of Jack in the Box.

There is not a let up throughout the whole movie, as the characters go on and on, BLAH Blah, BLah Blah.

Many sex and drug use scenes fill up the colorful frames and I think your eyeballs will enjoy watching these Big Time Stars dish out line after line from a screenplay written by David Rabe, and based on his play. Obsession, Jealousy, Love and an uncontrolled frenzy of emotions, keep these boys and their female friends Pretty Busy, Blah Blah, Blah Blah.

Sean Penn won a few awards for his scene stealing performance!!!  So the next time you are browsing the aisles at the video store in a lonesome mood, cough up the $$$ for the rental, sit back, listen closely and enjoy.


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