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i am legend

I Am Legend
Directed by:
Francis Lawrence
Cast: Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Willow Smith

Written by:
Hollywood IQ

December 28, 2007

A scientist named Robert Neville (Smith) co-founded a cure for cancer, only 3 years later, the vaccination has mutated into a virus that wiped out 90% of the worlds population. 


Leaving the remaining 9%, to become ravaging monsters, and the other 1% who are immune to the disease, be it airborne or by fluid transfer, are left to defend themselves against becoming food.  If there are more survivors he doesn't know about them, because the good Doctor spends his day roaming the streets of NY in search of non-perishable foods and anything else of use.  It’s just him and his faithful dog Sam (Abbey), and some rude mannequins.  In between fighting hoards of insane vampire-like creatures, he searches for a cure in hopes to save humanity.

Doomsday movies are not typically my faves, because I pay to see happy endings, not horrible nightmare endings.  I highly anticipate the last scene, where a healthy resolution is made for all.  That being said, this movie is atypical doomy, for the soul fact that it is kind of a 'Castaway' in NYC, with Will Smith.  Add the looming, infected humans and a stoic dog, then subtract the volleyball and you've got movie magic.  This was, in my opinion an amazing movie for many reasons, and one of the best movies of the year, alongside, Pan's Labyrinth, The Brave One, and Knocked Up.  It is single-handedly the most frightening movie of the year.  Not scary, just a knuckle whitening, nail biter movie.  At the same time, it sucked because it was difficult to watch and insert yourself into that scenario.  There are many aspects of this film that could strengthen your acceptation of human nature and the ability to solve problems, and compound them, in their purest forms.  The performance given by Smith, was undeniably the most emotionally challenging of his career, carrying the entire movie on his shoulders, and working it!  His bond with Sam, forces you to feel and understand his loneliness, ultimately making it that much harder for him to deal with the decisions he makes.  Direction, plot and cinematically, this movie matches that of any ordinary action thriller, only, with more charisma and heart.  I would boast proudly if you saw and loved this movie.  I have not read the book this is based on, nor do I read books, so therefore, I do not care how a movie compares to its book.  So get off your duff and go see it.  Try not to cry, just a strong backhanded warning.


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