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men of honor

Men of Honor
Directed By:
George Tillman
Cast: Robert De Niro, Cuba Gooding Jr., Charlize Theron, Michael Rapaport

Written by:
Matt Booth

May 25, 2007

One of my favorite movies from the year 2000 is "Men of Honor". It is based on the life of US Navy Master Chief Carl Brashear who was one of the greatest Navy divers of all time.


The story of his life is very inspiring on its own, but when the Hollywood master minds bring the type of talent they have brought in to bring this story to the big screen, wow you just have a knockout!! The movie stars Cuba Gooding, Jr as Carl and Robert DeNiro as Master Chief Billy Sunday and is directed by George Tillman, Jr.

The story is told over a period of time, starting during Carl's youth and some excellent supporting actors play his Mom and Dad. His family is Farmers and must work themselves to death just to survive. Carl's Father played by Carl Lumbly, very much wants his son to be educated and not have to come back to the farm, EVER. Do something with your life Son. His love of Water and superior swimming skills start while he is a boy. Once he is old enough Carl joins the Navy, only to be told by everyone that the best he will ever do is be a Navy Cook or Officers Valet. Determined not to be run over by the racial attitudes of that period, as Carl is a Black man, he goes for it and proves to be the fastest swimmer on the USS Hoist. He is assigned by the boats Captain, played by Powers Boothe to start training to become a naval Salvage Diver. This is the point in the Movie where Carl first has contact with Billy Sunday, the Master Diver on board the USS Hoist. Sunday, played like he actually was Billy Sunday by Robert DeNiro suffers an injury and is forced to become an instructor at the Naval Diving School. Carl is assigned to attend the Diving School and is the first Black man to do so.

The relationship between Carl and Sunday is what really fuels the film. Told over a period of years both characters have their ups and downs as Sunday drinks like a fish and gets mean when drunk which causes him troubles. Once Carl makes it through the Diving School, much to the chagrin of the Schools prejudice leader played by Hal Holbrook, he embarks on his career and life, only to suffer a serious injury that may force him into early retirement.

A Naval Court battle ensues and Carl is told he will have to pass a test to be able and continue to serve as a Navy Diver and pursue his dream of becoming a Master Chief himself.
Carl and Sunday butt heads at the school, but ultimately Sunday becomes so impressed with Carl's effort and attitude, he befriends him and becomes an alley. Both Carl and Billy have very hot wives and this part of story rocks!!

My recommendation is to buy or rent the DVD of this movie ASAP, you will enjoy.

Be sure to watch the "Making of” Men of Honor" special feature section of the DVD, as well.


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