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mr. brooks
Mr. Brooks
Directed by:
Bruce A Evans
Cast: Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook, William Hurt
Written by:
Hollywood IQ

December 28, 2007

Mr. Brooks (Costner) is a successful business and family man, who moonlights as a serial killer.  Known to his public and determined detective, Tracy Atwood (Moore) as the "Thumbprint Killer". 


His alter ego Marshall, (Hurt) is the encouraging voice in his head, who is visible only to him.  One evening after nearly 2 years of 'sobriety' he can no longer fight the urge to kill.  At the scene of his newest victims, he is hobby photographed by, Mr. Smith (Cook).  We never learn his first name which I found annoying.  Mr. Smith blackmails him into teaching him how to kill people.  Meanwhile, Detective Atwood and partner are looking for another, different, serial killer, while simultaneously tracking Brooks and Smith.

Costner is wooden as a peg with the acting, which is par for his career, although, I really liked him in this flick.  There were a couple WTF moments.  Like for example the shootout with Tracy in the apartment building hallway, what was that?  It was like watching 'Face Off'.  But still, an effective thriller.  Hurt, was amazing as his inner voice, and the two of them laughing together, and is just hysterical.  Dane Cook really is the weakest link; comically he's ok, just not dramatically.  I don't understand his myspace friends list.  At All.  His character was never threatening to Mr. Brooks, nor was I afraid for a second he had the balls to pull off a move like blackmail.  Aside from his obvious concern with his daughters possible inheritance of the kill urge, I didn't think there was enough pressure from his family about his whereabouts.  Overall a great popcorn flick.


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