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Have you ever read critics raving about a movie and turned out to be awful when you saw it? Or what about the wonderful movie that was panned by the critics? Critics are elitists who write for each other.  So, dramas and movies with unhappy endings or incomprehensible plots are usually given higher ratings than adventure stories or comedies or just family entertainment movies.

We have divided the history of the movies into several categories. In the weeks and the months to come we will add additional categories such as a section for Children's movies, British movies and foreign films to showcase international talent.

You can also ask movie related questions that either our staff or our other readers could answer for you.

So, we are a one stop shop for all your movie craving needs and we are FREE!  Not only that, we will have a quarterly drawing and will award a wonderful prize to one of our reviewers.


What you can do is simple and fun. Write your review about any movie, even if it is already in our database. It is ok to have differing reviews about the same movie.

Email your critique to us and we will review and publish the material if it is appropriate. 

We hope to keep the database of our readers' reviews permanently online so everybody in the world can enjoy reading about them from the public point of view.

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Please follow these simple steps:

Keep your reviews at a reasonable length of up to 300 words

Include a synopsis of the movie

Identify the main actors and any other actor whose performance may have caught your eye

If you can, also please include:

Year made



Color, Black and White, Widescreen

Any unusual information that you remember or heard or can add such as the location or problems between actors or affairs between stars.

Follow that with your opinion. If you do not have any personal opinion and are just adding movie information to our database, that is wonderful also. In time, we hope to have the greatest repository of movie information in the world.


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