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pink cadillac Pink Cadillac
Directed by:
Buddy Van Horn
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Bernadette Peters, Bill Moseley, Timothy Carhart

Written by:
Matt Booth

April 30, 2007

My review for this film will include a personal experience that unfortunately I will never live down. Back in 1987 I got it in my head that I needed to be living in Reno NV. Don't know why,  but I moved to Reno in Aug 1987, with all my belongings stuffed into my Ford Escort.


Along with a Sales job I had lined up, I also got a part time gig working at Harrah's Casino in the Sportsbook and eventually as a 21 dealer. One night after working a grave yard shift, I saw quite a commotion out on Virginia Street under the Famous Reno sign. Turned out a movie starring Clint Eastwood was being filmed locally. I got to talking with some of the film's crew and ask if they needed any extras?? I was told to call Sally at Lear Casting, which I did the next morning. She said they needed people to drive their cars up and down the street as background for film shots. I was excited to report for work that night with my Ford Escort.

Well after working for a while, I found out why making a movie takes so long and became bored just sitting around waiting for them to say "action". I though it was neat to see Clint Eastwood and Bernadette Peters in person. That got me to thinking...how I could make the time pass by without being so bored. I decided to bring a marijuana cigarette with me that next night, so at least I would be stoned, just sitting there waiting.  My plan somewhat backfired, because though it worked, apparently some of the crew smelled the POT and I was asked not to come back the next night for anymore background driving. Though I get a chuckle thinking back to this experience, I have always wanted to apologize to Sally Lear for my behavior. Guess I did not know any better at 23??

Now to the movie "Pink Cadillac".....If you are a sophisticated person, this movie will not be for you. It is a comedy that you need to watch at least 2 times, before you get it. Clint plays Tommy Nowak, a skip tracer who uses disguises and phony tricks to find criminals who have jumped bail. One of his assignments is to find, Lou Ann McGuinn(Peters) who has skipped bail and also is running from her crazy White supremist husband. She flees in all things a PINK CADILLIC full of stolen drug money. The movie kind of jumps around a lot and tries to become a drama, but the best parts are humorous and somewhat WACKY, to say the least.  Michael Des Barres has the best supporting role; he plays the leader of the White Supremist who basically likes to ride around on Harleys carrying a small arsenal and high on Crystal Meth. Both Clint and Bernadette do their best to make this movie a hit, as their characters interact pretty well, but the story line and writing make this one a two star at best. This movie is worth a look, if only to see Clint Eastwood don all those cool costumes. Wow, contact sports!


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