Title Year Studio/Production Company Genre Director Producer Actors Screenwriters Synopsis Where to DL Tidbits Color/B&W Country  
Abraham Lincoln 1930 D.W. Griffith Productions/Feature Productions Biography/Drama/History D.W. Griffith D.W. Griffith/Joseph M. Schenck Walter Huston/Una Merkel/William L. Thorne Stephen Vincent Benet/John W. Considine Jr./Gerrit J. Lloyd A biographical film about Abraham Lincoln The Internet Archive It includes little known information about the life of Abraham Lincoln.  B/W United States
Ace Drummond 1936 Universal Pictures Adventure/Action Ford Beebe Ben Koening/Barney A. Sarecky John 'Dusty'King/Jean Rogers/Noah Beery Jr.  Wyndham Gittens/Norman S. Hall/Ray Trampe A serial based on a comic strip written by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker and drawn by Clayton Knight.  The Internet Archive One critic (Cline) state that it "exuded the futuristic aura of Flash Gordon combined with the eerie mystery of Baron Frankenstein's Castle laboratory.  B/W United States
The Adventures of Smilin' Jack 1943 Universal Pictures Action/Adventure/War Lewis D. Collins/Ray Taylor Ford Beebe/Donald H. Brown Tom Brown/Rose Hobart/Edgar Barrier Morgan Cox A Universal serial based on the comic strip The Adventures of Smilin' Jack The Internet Archive Not much of the original comic strip was used and a new character (Tommy Thompson) was made for the serial by Universal.  B/W United States
Africa Screams 1949 Huntington Harford Productions/Nassour Studios Inc.  Comedy/Adventure Charles Barton David S. Garber/Huntington Hartford/Edward Nassour/Donald Crisp Bud Abbot/Lou Costello/Clyde Beatty Earl Baldwin/Martin Ragaway/Leonard Stern A comedy film starring Abbot and Costello.  The Internet Archive Clyde Beatty provided his own animals for the film.  B/W Color version available United States
Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp 1939 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short/Action Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Jack Mercer/Margie Hines/Carl Meyer n/a A two reel animation in the Popeye Color Specials Series produced in Technicolor.  www.archive.org This cartoon features a Disney-like pacing and plot.  Color United States
Algiers 1938 Walter Wanger Productions Drama/Mystery/Romance John Cromwell Walter Wanger Charles Boyer/Singrid Gurie/Hedy Lamarr John Howard Lawson/James M. Cain An American Drama remake of the 1937 French Film Pepe le Moko.  The Internet Archive Algers was the inspiration for Casablanca.  B/W United States
All This and Rabbit Stew 1941 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Short Fred Avery Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Danny Webb Dave Monahan A Merry Melodies cartoon.  The Internet Archive In the "Censored Eleven" group of banned Merrie Melodies due to racial stereotyping.  Color United States
The Amazing Mr. X 1948 Ben Stoloff Productions Drama/Film-Noir/Horror Bernard Vorhaus Benjamin Stoloff Turhan Bey/Lynn Bari/Cathy O'Donnel Mariel Roy Bolton/Ian McLellan Hunter AKA The Spiritualist, a film noir that tells the story of a fake spiritualist racket.  The Internet Archive One of the actresses scheduled to shoot committed suicide before shooting could begin. (Carole Landis) B/W United States
The Amazing Transparent Man 1960 Miller Consolidated Pictures Crime/Sci-Fi Edgar G. Ulmer Lester D. Guthrie/Robert L. Madden/John Miller Marguerite Chapman/Douglas Kennedy/James Griffith/Ivan Triesault Jack Lewis An American B-Movie following the story of a mentally unstable US Army Major who, by using an escaped convict, filches supplies to enhance the invisibility machine his scientist prisoner made.  The Internet Archive This film has suffered unpopularity due to negative reviews.  B/W United States
And Then There Were None 1945 Rene Clair Productions Crime/Drama/Mystery Rene Clair Rene Clair/Leo C. Popkin/Harry M. Popkin Barry Fitzgerald/Walter Huston/Louis Hayward/Roland Young Dudley Nichols An adaptation of Agatha Christie's mystery novel 'Ten Little Indians' The Internet Archive This film was based on a novel originally titled 'Ten Little Niggers' later changed to 'Ten Little Indians' B/W United States
Angel and the Badman 1947 Republic Pictures/John Wayne Productions Romance/Western James Edward Grant John Wayne John Wayne/Gail Russel/Harry Carey James Edward Grant A western that contemplates whether or not a gunman can give up violence.  The Internet Archive The New York Times said "Mr. Wayne and company have sacrificed the usual raring action to fashion a leisurely Western, which is different from and a notch or two superior to the normal sagebrush saga." B/W United States
Angel On My Shoulder 1946 Charles R. Rogers Productions Comedy/Fantasy/Romance Archie Mayo  Charles R. Rogers/David W. Diegel Paul Muni/Claude Rains/Anne Baxter Harry Segall/Roland Kibbie A film about a deal with the devil by a dead man.  The Internet Archive This film was remade for television in 1980.  B/W United States
Angels Hard As They Come 1971 New World Pictures Action/Drama Joe Viola Johnathan Demme Scott Glenn/Charles Dierkop/James Iglehart Johnathan Demme/Joe Viola A film about a drug deal gone wrong.  n/a "An eye for an eye, a piece for a piece" was one tagline. Color United States
The Ape 1940 Monogram Pictures Drama/Horror/Sci-Fi William Nigh William T. Lackey Boris Karloff/Maris Wrixon/Gene O'Donnel Curt Siodmak/Richard Carroll A film about a mad scientist trying to obtain a serum when an ape breaks out.  The Internet Archive The play opened in LA in 1927.  B/W United States
The Ape Man 1943 Banner Productions/Monogram Pictures Comedy/Drama/Horror William Beaudine Jack Dietz/sam Katzman/Barney A. Sarecky Bela Lugosi/Louise Currie/Wallace Ford Barney A. Sarecky A mad scientist transforms himself into an ape man.  The Internet Archive This film was the sixth of nine Monogram Pictures featuring Bela Lugosi.  B/W United States
Assassin of Youth 1937 BCM Roadshow Productions Drama Elmer Clifton Charles A. Brown/Elmer Clifton/Leo. J. McCarthy Luana Walters/Arthur Gardner/Fay McKenzie Charles A.Browne/Leo J. McCarthy/Elmer Clifton AKA 'Marihuana' A film about teenage drug use and its dangers.  The Internet Archive The film was advertised on matchbooks.  B/W United States
At War with the Army 1950 Fred F. Finklehoff Productions/Screen Associates Inc/York Pictures Corporation Comedy/Musical/Romance/War Hal Walker Fred F. Finklehoffe/Abner J. Greshler Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis/MikeKellin Fred F. Finklehoffe A comedy about being in the US army.  The Internet Archive The main character gives a scout salute instead of a military salute throughout the picture.  B/W United States
Atom Age Vampire 1960 Leone Film Horror/Science Fiction Anton Giulio Majano n/a Alberto Lupo/Susanne Loret/Sergio Fantoni Gino De Santis/Alberto Bevilacqua/Anton Giulio Majano A stripper is disfigured and enlists the aid of a mad scientist to restore her beauty.  The Internet Archive The US version of this film is heavily censored.  B/W Italy
Attack of the Giant Leeches 1959 American International Pictures Horror/Science Fiction Bernard L. Kowalski Gene Corman/Roger Corman Ken Clark/Yvetter Vickers/Jan Sheperd Leo Gordon A film about giant killer leeches.  The Internet Archive The Spanish title means the "Diabolical Marsh" B/W United States
The Bat 1959 Liberty Pictures Horror/Thriller/Mystery Crane Wilbur C.J. Tevlin Vincent Price/Agnes Moorehead/Gavin Gordon Crane Wilbur A killer called the 'Bat' terrorized guests in a giant mansion.  The Internet Archive This was the final on screen role for child star Darla Hood B/W United States
The Battleship Potemkin 1925 Goskino Drama/History/War Sergei Eisenstein n/a Aleksandr Antonov/Vladimir Barsky/Grigori Aleksandrov Nina Agadzhanova When the crew of a battleship is given rotten meat they riot.  The Internet Archive Based on true historical events.  B/W Soviet Union
Beach Combers 1936 Walter Lantz Productions Animation/Short Walter Lantz  Walter Lantz n/a Walter Lantz/Victor McLeod An animated Short featuring Oswald the Rabbit.  B/W They cut costs during the Depression by cutting corners with these episodes.  B/W United States
Bear Shooters 1930 Hal Roach Studios Family/Comedy/Short Robert F. McGowan Robert F. Mcgowan/Hal Roach Leon Janney/Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins/Allen 'Farina' Hoskins n/a A man in a gorilla suit tries to scare off poachers but instead ends up being hunted. www.archive.org This film was in an episode of the Sopranos.  B/W United States
Beat the Devil 1953 Rizzoli-Haggiag/Romulus Films/Santana Pictures Corporation Adventure/Comedy/Crime John Huston Jack Clayton/John Huston/Humphrey Bogart/Angelo Rizzoli/John Woolf Humphrey Bogart/Jennifer Jones/Gina Lollobrigida Truman Capote/John Huston/Anthony Veiller/Peter Viertel A group of people who hope to get rich in Africa meet a British couple that seem innocent until things start to happen.  The Internet Archive The last film Humphrey Bogart made with Peter Lorre B/W United Kingdom/United States/Italy
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla 1952 Jack Broder Productions Inc.  Horror/Comedy/Science Fiction William Beaudine Jack Broder/Herman Cohen/Maurice Duke Bela Lugosi/Duke Mitchell Tim Ryan/Leo 'Ukie'Sherin/Edmond Seward An Island of Dr. Moreau-esque comedy.  The Internet Archive Martin Landau in preperation for his role in Ed Wood watched this film and said it made Ed Wood's film look like 'Gone With the Wind' it was so terrible.  B/W United States
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef 1953 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Adventure Robert D. Webb Robert Bassler Robert Wagner/Terry Moore/Gilbert Roland A.I. Bezzerides A father and son diving team embark on a dangerous adventure.  The Internet Archive The average shot length for this film is 10 seconds.  Color United States
The Bigamist 1953 The Filmakers Drama Ida Lupino Robert Eggenweiler/Collier Young Joan Fontaine/Ida Lupino/Edmund Gwenn Collier Young A man leads a double life and is caught.  The Internet Archive During the tour of movie star homes the driver points to actual film star's houses.  B/W United States
The Big Show 1936 Rebublic Pictures Music/Romance/Western Mack V. Wright Nat Levine/Armand Schaefer Gene Autry/Smiley Burnette/Kay Hughes Dorrell McGowan/Stuart E. McGowan Gene Autry confuses people when he is himself and his stunt double simultaneously.  The Internet Archive The film was cut for television but recently restored.  B/W United States
Black Dragons 1942 Banner Productions/Monogram Pictures Mystery/Thriller/War Willaim Nigh Jack Dietz/Sam Katzman/Barney A. Sarecky Bela Lugosi/John Barclay/George Pembroke Harvey Gates American Industrialists trying to dampen the war effort are killed. The Internet Archive The only spy film Bela Lugosi ever starred in.  B/W United States
The Blood of Jesus 1941 Amegro Films/Sack Amusement Enterprises Drama/Fantasy Spencer Williams Alfred N. Sack/Spencer Williams Cathryn Caviness/Spencer Williams/Juanita Riley Spencer Williams An atheist shoots his religious wife, then she is tempted by the devil in the afterlife.  The Internet Archive The film was so succesful the director was offered a ten-year contract to produce mor films.  B/W United States
Bloody Pit of Horror 1965 International Entertainment/M.B.S Cinematografica Horror Massimo Pupillo Francesco Merli/Felix C. Ziffer/Ralph Zucker Mick Hargitay/Walter Brandi/Luisa Baratto Romano Migliorini/Roberto Natale When a photographer goes to an abandoned castle to shoot with some models they are tormented by a lunatic.  The Internet Archive The UK refused this film a cinema certificate in1967 Color Italy/United States
Blood Tide 1982 Connaught International/Athon Adventure/Horror Richard Jefferies Luigi Cingolani/Donald Langdon/Nico Mastorakis/John D. Schofield/Brian Trenchard-Smith James Earl Jones/Jose Ferrer/Lila Kedrova Richard Jeffries/Nico Mastorakis An adventure hunter in Greece unwittingly frees a monster that demands virgin sacrifice.  The Internet Archive The tagline is 'Evil Lurks in the Ocean Depths' Color United Kingdom/Greece
Bluebeard 1944 Producers Releasing Corporation Crime/Film-Noir/Horror/Thriller Edgar G. Ulmer Leon Fromkess/Martin Mooney John Carradine/Jean Parker/Nils Asther Pierre Gendron A painter murders his models The Internet Archive A "bluebeard" means a type of serial killer that murders their companions.  B/W United States
Bowery at Midnight 1942 Banner Productions/Monogram Pictures Crime/Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Wallace Fox Jack Dietz/sam Katzman/Barney A. Sarecky Bela Lugosi/John Archer/Wanda McKay Gerald Schnitzer A soup kitchen is  a front for a criminal gang.  The Internet Archive In the films background there is a poster for another Lugosi film, "the Corpse Vanishes" B/W United States
Boy Meets Dog 1938 Walter Lantz Productions Short/Animation/Comedy n/a Walter Lantz Billy Bletcher n/a A toothpaste commercial.  The Internet Archive A strange  tale about the dangers of poor dental hygeine.  Color United States
The Boy in the Plastic Bubble 1976 American Broadcasting Company/Spelling-Goldberg Productions Drama/Romance Randal Kleiser Cindy Dunne/Leonard Goldberg/Shelley Hull/Aaron Spelling/Joel Thurm John Travolta/Glyniis O'Connor/Robert Reed Douglas Day Stewart A love story about a man who cannot leave his bubble.  The Internet Archive This film is based on a true story. Color United States
Boys Beware 1961 Sid Davis Productions Drama/Short Sid Davis Sid Davis Sid Davis n/a  A cautionary tale about pedophiles.  The Internet Archive This film focuses on homosexual pedophiles as being particularly threatening, illustrating stereotypes of the time.  n/a United States
The Brain That Woundn't Die 1962 Rex Carlton Productions Horror/Sci-Fi Joseph Green Rex Carlton/Mort Landberg Jason Evers/Virginia Leith/Leslie Daniels Joseph Green A mad scientist keeps his girlfriend alive after she is decapitated in a car crash.  The Internet Archive Due to censorship and legal trouble the film wasn't released until 3 years after it was made.  B/W United States
Bride of the Gorilla 1951 Jack Broder Productions Inc.  Adventure/Drama/Horror/Mystery Curt Siodmak Edward Leven/Jack Broder Barbara Payton/Lon Chaney Jr. Raymond Burr Curt Siodmak A wealthy man marries a young bride but is then cursed and transforms.  The Internet Archive It only took seven days to shoot this film.  B/W United States
Brideless Groom 1947 Columbia Pictures Corporation Comedy/Short Edward Bernds Hugh McCollum/Jules White Moe Howard/Larry Fine/Shemp Howard Clyde Bruckman To receive his inheretance a man must marry but faces some obstacles.  The Internet Archive One of four Three Stooges films in the Public Domain.  B/W United States
A Bucket of Blood 1959 Alta Vista Productions Comedy/Horror Roger Corman Roger Corman/Samuel Z. Arkoff/James H. Nicholson Dick Miller/ Barboura Morris/Anthony Carbone Charles B. Griffith A busboy at a hipster café begins to murder people to turn their bodies into plaster sculptures and gain credit with the bohemian crowd.  The Internet Archive A promo for the film stated you got in free if you brought a bucket of blood to the management at your local theater.  B/W United States
Bulldog Drummond 1929 The Samuel Goldwyn Company Drama/Mystery/Thriller F. Richard Jones Samuel Goldwyn Ronald Colman/Claud Allister/Lawrence Grant Sidney Howard A British WWII veteran longs for adventure.  The Internet Archive This film was spoofed in a 1983 film called 'Bullshot Crummond' B/W United States
Burn Em' Up Barnes 1934 Mascot Pictures Action/Adventure F. Richard Jones Nat Levine/Victor Zobel Jack Mulhall/Frankie Darro/Lola Lane Sherman L. Lowe A poor land owner learns her land is worth millions and is targeted by speculators when race car driver Burn em' up Barnes comes to her rescue in this serial. The Internet Archive This serial is a loose remake of the 1921 film with the same title.  B/W United States
Captain Kidd 1945 Benedict Bogeaus Production/Captain Kidd Productions Inc.  Action/Adventure/Biography/Drama/History Rowland V. Lee Benedict Bogeaus/James Nasser Charles Laughton/Randolph Scott/Barbara Britton Robert N. Lee/Norman Reilly Raine A pirate adventure.  The Internet Archive Spoofed in 'Abbott and Costello meet Captain Kidd' in 1952 B/W United States
Carnival of Souls 1962 Harcourt Productions Horror/Mystery Herk Harvey Herk Harvey Candace Hilligoss/Frances Feist/Sidney Berger John Clifford A woman is drawn into an abandoned carnival after an accident.  The Internet Archive Saltair Amusement Park outside Salt Lake City is the backdrop. Color United States
Cause for Alarm 1951 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Drama/Film-Noir Tay Garnett Tom Lewis Loretta Young/Barry Sullivan/Bruce Cowling Mel Dinelli/Tom Lewis An invalid man is paranoid his wife and dorcor are trying to kill him and writes a letter then dies.  The Internet Archive The producer wanted Judy Garland to play the part but his wife got it instead.  B/W United States
Chained for Life 1951 Spera Productions Inc Crime Harry L. Fraser George Moskov Violet Hilton/Daisy Hilton/Mario Laval Nat Tanchuck A siamese twin commits murder and the court has to figure out how to punish her.  The Internet Archive The plot was derived from real life evens of Daisy and Violet Hilton.  B/W United States
Charade 1963 Universal Pictures/Stanley Donen Films Comedy/Mystery/Romance/Thriller Stanley Donen Stanley Dones/James H. Ware Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn/Walter Matthau Peter Stone Men in Paris pursue a woman for a fortune her late husband had stolen.  The Internet Archive Cary Grant refused the role at first.  Color United States
Check and Double Check 1930 RKO Pictures Comedy Melville W. Brown William LeBaron/Bertram Millhauser Freeman F. Gosden/Charles J. Correll/Sue Carol J. Walter Ruben Two men try to run a taxi business but get caught up in driving musicians to an upscale party.  The Internet Archive This film introduced white audiences to Duke Ellington. B/W United States
The Chicken of Tomorrow 1948 Audio Productions Inc./Bay State Film Production Inc./Sales Promotion Division of the Texas Company Documentary/Short Patrick Allen n/a Lowell Thomas n/a An educational film about the advances in chicken farming and eggs.  The Internet Archive It was featured in Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1998. Color United States
Child Bride 1938 n/a Drama Harry Revier Lloyd Friedgen/Raymond Friedgen Shirley Mills/Bob Bollinger/Warner Richmond Harry Revier A film about men in a rural area marrying underage girls.  The Internet Archive The film features a controversial 'skinny dipping' scene B/W United States
Christmas Comes But Once a Year 1936 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Jack Mercer/Mae Questel n/a A short about children in an orphanage receiving nice holiday gifts instead of broken toys.  The Internet Archive All of the orphans in the film are based on the same template. Color United States
The City of the Dead 1960 Vulcan Horror/Thriller John Llewellyn Moxey Seymour S. Dorner/Milton Subotsky/Donald Taylor/Max Rosenberg Patricia Jessel/Dennis Lotus/Christopher Lee George Baxt A girl researching a paper ends up at a strange hotel being the target of sacrifice by a coven of witches.  The Internet Archive Was filmed by Amicus (Vulcan) which was a competitor of Hammer.  B/W United Kingdom
A Coach for Cinderella 1936 Jim Handy Organization Animation/Short/Fantasy Max Fleischer Jamison Handy n/a Norman B. Terry This film is a cinderella story essentially as a Chevrolet promotion.  The Internet Archive Introduced the first new model of Chevy since WWII Color United States
A Corny Concerto 1943 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Short Robert Clampett Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Arthur Q.Bryan Frank Tashlin This film is an animation making fun of Fantasia.  The Internet Archive The first film to feature 'Bugs' Color United States
The Corpse Vanishes 1942 Banner Productions/Monogram Pictures Sci-Fi/Horror Wallace Fox Jack Dietz/sam Katzman/Barney A. Sarecky Bela Lugosi/Luana Walters/Tristram Coffin Harvey Gates A mad scientist film about a man kidnapping young women and using them to keep his wife young and beautiful.  The Internet Archive The fourth of nine Monogram Features starring Bela Lugosi B/W United States
Crash of the Moons 1954 Official Films/Roland Reed Productions/Space Ranger Enterprises Sci-Fi/Adventure Hollingsworth Morse Arthur Pierson/Roland D. Reed/Guy V. Thayer Jr.  Richard Crane/Scotty Beckett/Sally Mansfield Warren Wilson 3 part episode from 'Rocky Jones, Space Ranger edited togther as an episode. The Internet Archive Featured in Mystery Science Theater 3000 in 1992 B/W United States
Creature from the Haunted Sea 1961 Roger Corman Productions Comedy/Horror Roger Corman Roger Corman/Charles Hannawalt Antony Carbone/Betsy Jones-Moreland/Robert Towne Charles B. Griffith A theif murders his partners and blames it on a sea creature.  The Internet Archive Shot along with 'The Last Woman on Earth' in Puerto Rico, though released at a different time.  B/W United States
Cyrano De Bergerac 1950 Stanley Kramer Productions Drama/Romance Michael Gordon George Glass/Stanley Kramer Jose Ferrer/Mala Powers/William Prince Carl Foreman A swordsman/poet helps someone obtain the female companion he desires.   The Internet Archive The false nose used in the film cost $1,500.  B/W United States
D.O.A. 1950 Cardinal Pictures Drama-Film Noir/Mystery Rudolph Mate Joseph H. Nadel/Harry M. Popkin/Leo C. Popkin Edmond O'Brien/Pamela Britton/Luther Adler Russel Rouse/Clarence Greene A man is poisoned and must find his assailant before he dies in a week.  The Internet Archive The end credits state "The medical facts in this motion picture are authentic. Luminous toxin is a descriptive term for an actual poison" B/W United States
Daffy the Commando 1943 Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Short/Comedy/Family/War Friz Freleng Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc Michael Maltese Daffy Duck is a commander that causes problems for Nazi troops.  www.archive.org Adolph Hitler's image was rotoscoped.  Color United States
A Day at the Zoo 1939 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Short Tex Avery Leon Schlesinger Tex Avery/Mel Blanc/Robert C. Bruce Melvin Millar A tour of the zoo.  The Internet Archive The final scene was alluded to in 'Hare Do' a decade later.  Color United States
Dead Men Walk 1943 Producers Releasing Corporation Horror Sam Newfield Sigmund Neufeld George Zucco/Mary Carlisle/Nedrick Young Fred Myton A story of vengeage from beyond the grave by an evil twin.  The Internet Archive This was Mary Carlisle's final film.  B/W United States
Death Rides a Horse 1967 PEC Action/Western Giulio Petroni Henryk Chrosicki/Alfonso Sansone Lee Van Cleff/John Phillip Law/Mario Brega Luciano Vincenzoni A tale of revenge by a cowboy for the murder of his family. The Internet Archive This film is an example of a 'Spaghetti Western' Color Italy
Dementia 1955 H.K.F. Productions/J.J. Parker Productions Mystery/Horror Francis Ford Coppola John Parker/Ben Roseman/Bruno VeSota Adrienne Barrett/Bruno VeSota/Ben Roseman John Parker The tale of a psychotic woman that follows her on one night.  The Internet Archive There is no dialogue at all in this film.  B/W United States
Detour 1945 Producers Releasing Corporation Crime/Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery/Thriller Edgar G. Ulmer Leon Fromkess/Martin Mooney Tom Neal/Ann Savage/Claudia Drake Martin Goldsmith A hitch hiker gets into trouble following a series of chance events The Internet Archive This was Errol Morris' favorite movie.  B/W United States
Dick Tracy 1937 Republic Pictures Action/Crime/Thriller Alan James/Ray Taylor Nat Levine/J. Laurene Wickland Ralph Byrd/Kay Hughes/Smily Burnette Morgan Cox Dick Tracy's brother is put under a spell by a villain called 'the Spider' The Internet Archive The art panels in the background comic show original comics from Dec. 6th, 1936 B/W United States
Disorder in the Court 1936 Columbia Pictures Corporation Comedy/Short Preston Black Jules White Curly Howard/Larry Fine/Moe Howard Felix Adler The Three Stooges are witness at a trial.  The Internet Archive The first Three Stooges released with the new logo for Columbia.  B/W United States
Dogs of War 1923 Hal Roach Studios Comedy/Family/Short Robert F. McGowan Hal Roach Hal Roach's Rascals/Roy Brooks/Joe Cob Hal Roach A comedy in which they use vegetables as ammunition and ruin a movie. The Internet Archive This film shared it's set with 'Why Worry?' B/W United States
Doomed to Die 1940 Monogram Pictures Comedy/Crime/Drama William Nigh Paul Malvern/Scott R. Dunlap Boris Karloff/Marjorie Reynolds/Grant Withers Ralph Gilbert Bettison A shipping magnate's murder is investigates. The Internet Archive The footage of the liner burning is taken from actual footage. B/W United States
Dressed to Kill 1946 Universal Pictures Mystery Roy William Neill Howared Benedict/Roy William Neill Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce/Patricia Morison Frank Gruber Sherlock Holmes tries to discover the reason three murderous women covet music boxes.  The Internet Archive Inferior copies are offered by dealers who do not have studio masters.  B/W Color version available United States
The Driller Killer 1979 Navaron Productions Crime/Horror/Thriller Abel Ferrara D.A. Metroy/Rochelle Weisberg Abel Ferrara/Carolyn Marz/Baybi Day Nicholas St. John An artist snaps under the pressure of struggling to pay his bills and begins killing people with a power drill. The Internet Archive This title was banned in the UK after the Video Recording Act of 1984 Color United States
Duck and Cover 1952 Archer Productions Animation/Short Anthony Rizzo Leo M. Langlois Leo. M. Langlois/Ray J. Mauer/Robert Middleton Anthony Rizzo An educational film about what to do in the case of a nucler attack.  The Internet Archive Featured in 'America's Lost Bombs:The True Story of Broken Arrows B/W United States
Eegah 1962 Fairway International Pictures Fantasy/Musical Nicholas Merriweather Arch Hall Sr./Don Schneider Arch Hall Jr./Marilyn Manning/Richard Kiel Bob Wehling A caveman goes on a rampage The Internet Archive Arch Hall Senior got the idea for this movie after meeting a man (Richard Kiel) who was 7'2" tall.  Color United States
Embryo 1976 Plura Service Company/Sandy Howard Productions Horror/Sci-Fi Ralph Nelson Anita Doohan/Michael S. Glick/Sandy Howard/Arnold H. Orgolini Rock Hudson/Barbara Carrera/Diane Ladd Anita Doohan/Jack W. Thomas A mad scientis discovers a way to accelerate the growth of an embryo. The Internet Archive The tagline is 'From Embryo to woman in 41/2 weeks' Color United States
The Eternal Jew 1940 Deutsche Filmherstellungs-und-Verwertungs-GmbH, Berlin Documentary/History Fritz Hippler n/a Curt Bois/Charles Chaplin/Albert Einstein Eberhard Taubert Nazi propaganda that portrays Jewish people negatively.  NSL-Archiv.org Referenced in 'Inglourious Basterds' in 2009 B/W Germany
Eternally Yours 1939 Walter Wanger Productions Comedy/Drama Tay Garnett Tony Garret/Walter Wanger Loretta Young/David Niven/Hugh Herbert Gene Towne/C. Graham Baker A woman is seduced by a magaician and leads a less than perfect existence.  The Internet Archive The composer of this film, Werner Janssen  was nominated for Academy Award for Best Music.  B/W United States
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms 1940 n/a Documentary/Short D.I. Yashin n/a J.B.S. Haldane S.S. Bryukhonenko The lungs, heart and head of dogs are revived my Soviet scientists. The Internet Archive This is a controversial film.  B/W Russia
Falling Hare 1943 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Comedy Robert Clampett Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc Warren Foster Bugs bunny battles with wartime sabotage in the air.  n/a The original title was 'Bugs Bunny and the Gremlin Color United States
A Farewell to Arms 1932 Paramount Pictures Romance/War/Drama Frank Borzage Edward A. Blatt/Benjamin Glazer Gary Cooper/Helen Hayes/Adolphe Menjou Benjamin Glazer/Oliver H.P. Garret A romance between a nurce and an ambulance driver in WWI The Internet Archive The miniatures are obvious in some scenes to the discerning viewer.  B/W United States
The Fast and the Furious 1955 Palo Alto Productions Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller John Ireland/Edward Sampson Roger Corman, Jack Milner John Ireland/Dorothy Malone/Bruce Carlisle Jerome Odlum/Jean Howell A man breaks out of jail after being wrongly imprisoned for murder.  The Internet Archive The first film from American Releasing Corporation B/W United States
The Fatal Hour 1940 Monogram Pictures Horror/Mystery William Nigh Scott R. Dunlap/William T. Lackey Boris Karloff/Marjorie Reynolds/Grant Withers Scott Darling/George Waggner Captain Streets friend is murdered so he enlists the help of a detective.  The Internet Archive The fourth of the 6-film series.  B/W United States
Father's Little Dividend 1951 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Comedy/Romance Vincente Minnelli Pandro S. Berman Spencer Tracy/Joan Bennet/Elizabeth Taylor Albert Hackett/Frances Goodrich Kay Dusnstan and her husband will soon have a baby.  The Internet Archive This film was featured in 'Amelie' B/W United States
Faust 1926 Universum Film Drama/Fantasy/Horror F.W.Murnau Erich Pommer Gosta Ekman/Emil Jannings/Camilla Horn Johann Wolfgang Goethe God and Satan Battle over earth and wager on the soul of Faust.  n/a Leni Reifenstahl wanted to be the female lead but didn't make the cut.  B/W Germany
Fear in the Night 1947 Hammer Film Productions Mystery/Thriller Jimmy Sangster Jimmy Sangster Judy Gesson/Joan Collins/Ralph Bates Jimmy Sangster/Michael Syson After a nervous breakdown a young woman becomes terrorized by a one armed man, and nobody believes her.  The Internet Archive The last of 3 films directed by Jimmy Sangster following "The Horror of Frankenstein" and "Lust for a Vampire" Color United Kingdom
Fire Over England 1937 London Film Productions Adventure/History/Romance/War William K. Howard Erich Pommer/Alexander Korda Laurence Oliver/Flora Robson/Vivien Leigh Clemence Dane A period piece about Queen Elizabeth The Internet Archive This was the first of three films to pair Lawerence Oliver and Vivian Leigh B/W United Kingdom
Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe 1941 Universal Pictures Action/Sci-Fi/Adventure Ford Beebe/Ray Taylor Henry MacRae Buster Crabbe/Carol Hughes/Charles Middleton George H. Plympton/Basil Dickey Flash Gordon and friends are seeking and antidote to the 'Purple Death' and must face Ming the Merciless The Internet Archive In the final chapter Mind is looking to escape instead of the hero, which is how it usually is.  B/W United States
The Flying Deuces 1939 Boris Morros Productions Comedy A. Edward Sutherland Boris Morros Stan Laurel/Oliver Hardy/Jean Parker Ralph Spence/Charley Rogers Oliver joins the French Legion when he discovers his love is married to another then they escape the firing squad in a stolen airplane.  The Internet Archive Stan Laurel had a hand in the editing.  B/W United States
Freaks 1932 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Drama/Horror Tod Browning Todd Browning/Dwain Esper/Harry Rapf/Hildegarde Stadie/Irving Thadberg Wallace Ford/Leila Hyams/Olga Baclanova Willis Goldbeck/Leon Gordon A trapeze artist is going to marry the leader of the sideshow performers, but his friends discover she is only after his inheritance.  The Internet Archive This film was banned in the UK for 30 years.  B/W United States
Fresh Hare 1942 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Short/Comedy I. Freleng Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Arthur Q.Bryan Michael Maltese Bugs Bunny is hunted by Elmer Fudd The Internet Archive Shows the redesigned overweight Elmer Fudd of the 40s for the last time.  Color United States
The Front Page 1931 The Caddo Company Comedy Lewis Milestone Lewis Milestone/Howard Hughes Adolphe Menjou/Pat O'Brien/Mary Brian Barlett Cormack A newspaper reporter tries to gt a scoop.  The Internet Archive The original cast for the lead died, so Andolph Menjou got the part.  B/W United States
The General 1926 Buster Keaton Productions/Joseph M. Schneck Productions Action/Comedy/Romance Clyde Brukman/Buster Keaton David H. Shepard/Buster Keaton/Joseph M. Schenck Buster Keaton/Marion Mack/Glen Cavender Clyde Bruckman/Buster Keaton Spies steal an engineer's train, and he follows them behind enemy lines.  The Internet Archive This was Buster Keaton's favorite film.  B/W United States
The Giant Gila Monster 1959 Hollywood Pictures Corporation Horror Ray Kellogg Ken Curtis/B.R.McLendon/Gordon McLendon Don Sullivan/Fred Graham/Lisa Simone Jay Simms A giant lizard plagues a small community in Texas.  The Internet Archive Was part of a double feature with 'Killer Shrews' B/W United States
Glorifying the American Girl 1929 Paramount Pictures Comedy/Drama/Musical John W. Harkrider/Millard Webb Monta Bell Mary Eaton/Eddie Cantor/Helen Morgan J.P.McEnvoy/Millard Webb The rise of a showgirl.  The Internet Archive Featured in 'Broadway:The American Musical' in 2004 B/W United States
Go Down, Death 1944 Harlemwood Studios n/a Spencer Williams n/a Myra D. Hemmings/Samuel H. James/Eddye L. Houston Sam Elljay The owner of a bar tries to blackmail a preacher.  The Internet Archive Featured in 'Movies of Color:Black Southern Cinema' in 2002 B/W United States
The Gold Rush 1925 Charles Chaplin Productions Adventure/Comedy/Family Charlie Chaplin Charles Chaplin Charles Chaplin/Mack Swain/Tom Murray Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin goes to Klondike to find gold.  The Internet Archive This poster was 13 of 25 'best ever' by Premiere. B/W United States
Goopy Geer 1932 Leon Schlesinger Studios Fmaily/Animation/Short/Comedy Rudolf Ising Hugh Harman/Rudolph Ising/Leon Schlesinger n/a n/a A dog performs at a nightclub.  n/a Featured in 'I Love the 90's' in 2005.  B/W United States
The Gorilla 1939 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Comedy/Drama/Horror/Mystery/Romance Allan Dwan Harry Joe Brown Jimmy Ritz/Harry Ritz/Al Ritz Rian James A man is thretened by a killer called the Gorilla.  The Internet Archive The play opened in NY in 1925.  B/W United States
The Great Alaskan Mystery 1944 Universal Pictures Adventure Lewis D. Collins/Ray Taylor Henry MacRae Milburn Stone/Marjorie Weaver/Edgar Kennedy Maurice Tombrages/George H. Plympton An adventurer pursues Nazi spies and tries to keep them from gaining control of weapons.  The Internet Archive This serial was called mediocre by Cline despite possesing the formula for a good serial.  B/W United States
The Great Rupert 1950 George Pal Productions Comedy/Family Irving Pichel George Pal Jimmy Durante/Terry Moore/Tom Drake Laszlo Vadnay A squirrel helps families overcome their traials and tribulations.  The Internet Archive Terry Moore claimed she didn't see this film for 35 years.  B/W United States
 The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery 1959 Charles Guggenheim & Associates/Colubmia Broadcasting Systems Crime/Drama Charles Guggenheim/John Stix Jane Bridges/Katherine Drescher/Charles Guggenheim/Helen Hagen/Lee Hammond/Richard T. Heffron Steve McQueen/Crahan Denton/David Clarke Richard T. Heffron A gangs plan to rob a band encounters an obstacle.  The Internet Archive This story is based on a true incident.  B/W  United States
Greed 1924 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Drama Erich Von Stroheim Kevin Brownlow/David Gill/Rick Schmidlin/Louis B. Mayer/Irving Thalberg Gibson Gowland/Zasu Pitts/Jean Hersholt June Mathis/Erich Von Stroheim Three people allow the lottery to ruin their lives.  The Internet Archive Jean Hersholt lost 27 pounds filming the movies Death Valley climax and had to be hospitalized.  B/W United States
Gulliver's Travels 1939 Fleischer Studios Family/Adventure/Animation/Fantasy Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Jessica Dragonetter/Lanny Ross Edmond Seward Gulliver tries to prevent war between two tiny kingdoms.  The Internet Archive The first animated film that credits the actor's voice.  Color United States
Gumbasia 1953 n/a Animation/Short Art Clokey n/a n/a n/a Clay shapes reshape themselves to the score of Jazz in this student film that was the precursor to 'Gumby' The Internet Archive This inspired the Motion Picture Producers Association President Sam Engel to finance 'The Gumby Show' B/W United States
Have You Got Any Castles? 1938 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Musical/Animation/Short/Comedy Frank Tashlin Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc, The Four Blackbirds, Delos Jewkes Jack Miller Stories in books come to life in this animated feature.  The Internet Archive This is part of a whole subgenre called "books come alive" Color United States
He Walked by Night 1948 Bryan Foy Productions Crime/Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery/Thriller Alfred L.Werker/Anthony Mann Bryan Foy/Robert Kane Richard Basehart/Scott Brady/Ray Roberts Crane Wilbur Police try to track down a cop-killer in this film-noir, documentrary style crime drama.  The Internet Archive This film inspired Dragnet.  B/W United States
Hell's House 1932 B.F. Zeidman Productions Drama Howard Higgin B.F. Zeidman Bette Davis/Pat O' Brien/Junior Durkin Paul Gangelin/B. Harrison Orkow A boy is sent to a reformatory where he escapes to report the abuses there.  The Internet Archive This film is featured in 'All about Betty' B/W United States
Hemp for Victory 1942 US Department of Agriculture Documentary/Short Raymond Evans The US Department of Agriculture Lee D. Vickers Brittain B. Robinson During WWII the US encourages farmers to grow hemp for the war effort.  The Internet Archive It is wrongly believed by many that prints of this film no longer exist. B/W United States
Hercules 1958 Embassy Pictures Corporation/Galatea Film/O.S.C.A.R Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Romance Pietro Francisci Federico Teti Steve Reeves/Sylva Koscina/Fabrizio Mioni Pietro Francisci A film portraying many different Hercules myths.  The Internet Archive The dragon's roar in the Golden Fleece is Godzilla's roar.  Color Italy/Spain
Hercules Unchained 1959 Galatea Film/Lux Compaignie Cinematographique de France/Lux Film Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Romance/Sci-Fi Pietro Francisci Ferruccio De Marino/Bruno Vailati Steve Reeves/Sylva Koscina/Sylvia Lopez Ennio De Concini Hercules drinks from a magic spring, loses his memory, and is seduced by Queen Omphale of Lydia.  The Internet Archive This was the final film appearance of former world heavyweight boxing champion Primo Carnera.  Color Italy/France/Spain
Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon 1964 Romana Film Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Domenico Paolella Fortunato Misiano Peter Lupus/Helga Line/Mario Petri Luciano Martino/Domenico Paolella Hercules fights for the freedom of the citizens of Babylon.  The Internet Archive Peter Lupus shaved his chest for this role.  Color Italy
Hercules Anainst the Moon Men 1964 Comptoir Francais du Film Production/Governor Films/Nike Cinematorgraphica Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Giacomo Gentilomo Luigi Mondello Sergio Ciani/Jany Clair/Anna Mario Polani Arpad DeRiso Hercules must defend ancient Greece from aliens who have allied themselves with the evil queen of Samar.  The Internet Archive This was Giacomo Gentiliomo's last film. Color France/Italy
His Girl Friday 1940 Columbia Pictures Corporation Comedy/Drama/Romance Howard Hawks Howard Hanks Cary Grant/Rosalind Russell/Ralph Bellamy Charles Lederer A newspaper reporter tries to keep his wife from remarrying.  The Internet Archive One of the first films that has the actors talk over the lines of other characters.  B/W United States
The Hitch-Hiker 1953 RKO Radio Pictures/The Filmakers Drama/Film-Noir Ida Lupino Christian Nyby/Collier Young Edmond O'Brien/Frank Lovejoy/William Talman Collier Young/Ida Lupino Fisherman pick up a hitch-hiker who is a murderous escaped convict.  The Internet Archive This film is based on true events.  B/W United States
Hollywood Capers 1935 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Short/Comedy Jack King Leon Schlesinger Tommy Bond/Bernice Hansen n/a Beans tries to sneak into a movie studio.  www.archive.org The soundtrack of this short is "Chopsticks" Color United States
Holy Ghost People 1967 Thistle Films Documentary Peter Adair Blair Boyd Peter Adair n/a A study on the people of a Pentecostal Church in West Virginia.  The Internet Archive In this film the people handle snakes and speak in tongues.  B/W United States
Horror Express 1972 Benmar Productions/Granada Films Horror/Sci-Fi Eugenio Martin Bernard Gordon/Gergorio Sacristan Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing/Alberto de Mendoza Arnaud d'Usseau/Julian Zimet An anthropologist discovers a frozen monster believed to be the missing link.  The Internet Archive The soundtracks and dialog were added to this film post production. Color United Kingdom/Spain
Horrors of Spider Island 1960 Intercontinetntal Film GmbH/Rapid Film Horror/Sci-Fi Fritz Bottger Gaston Hakim/Wolf C. Hartwig Harald Maresch/Helga Franck/Alexander D'Arcy Fritz Bottger/Eldon Howard Survivors on a plane crash in a remote island are bitten by spiders and being turning into spiders themselves. The Internet Archive In this US this film was released as an Adults-Only movie called "It's Hot in Paradise" in 1962 B/W West Germany/Yugoslavia
House on Haunted Hill 1959 William Castle Productions Drama/Horror/Thriller William Castle William Castle/Robb White Vincent Price/Carol Ohmart/Richard Long Five people are invited to a "haunted house" party in an old asylum.  The Internet Archive Alfred Hitchcock noticed the large grosses for this film which led him to create 'Psycho' B/W United States
The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923 Universal Pictures Drama/History/Horror Wallace Worsley Serge Bromberg/David H. Shepard/Carl Laemmle/Irving Thalberg Lon Chaney/Patsy Ruth Miller/Norman Kerry Perley Poore Sheehan The brother of an archdeacon plots a peasent revolt with the gypsy kind while a hunch The Internet Archive The hair on the Hunchback's hands disappears later in the film.  B/W United States
The Hurricane Express  1932 Mascot Pictures Action/Adventure/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller Armand Schaeffer/J.P. McGowan Nat Levine John Wayne/Shirley Grey/Tully Marshall Colbert Clark/Wyndham Gittens Larry Bakers father is killed by a train wrecker and vows to find him.  The Internet Archive The tagline reads "A CRASHING ADVETURE SERIAL!" B/W United States
I Cover the Waterfront 1933 Edward Small Productions/Joseph M. Schenck Productions Drama/Romance James Cruze Edward Small Ben Lyon/Claudette Colbert/Ernest Torrence Wells Root A reporter romances the daughter of a smuggler.  The Internet Archive Nat Levine also produced 'The Big Shot' from 1936 B/W United States
I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You 1932 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short/Family/Music Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Louis Armstrong/Ann Little n/a Betty Boop meets Louis Armstrong on a safari.  The Internet Archive This short is featured in 'It's Black Entertainment' from 2002. B/W United States
Impact 1949 Cardinal Pictures Crime/Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery Arthur Lubin Joseph H. Nadel/Harry M. Popkin/Leo C. Popkin Brian Donlevy/Ella Raines/Charles Coburn Dorothy Davenport/Jay Dratler In San Francisco a businessman gives his wifes lover a ride when he tries to murder him.  The Internet Archive Walter states in the film "Wild horses couldn't drag me back there" and later the Rolling Stones create a song of the same title and chorus.  B/W United States
The Incredible Petrified World 1957 GBM Productions Adventure/Sci-Fi Jerry Warren Jerry Warren John Carradine/Robert Clarke/Phyllis Coates John W. Steiner A diving bell cable snaps after four adventureres descend into the depths of the ocean.  The Internet Archive In the film the characters leave through the hatch of the diving bell without water entering.  B/W United States
The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant 1971 Mutual General Corporation Horror/Sci-Fi Anthony Lanza Alvin L. Fast/Arthur N. Gilbert/Volodymyr Kowal/John Lawerence/Nicholas Wowchuk Bruce Dern/Pat Priest/Casey Kasem James Gordon White/John Lawrence A mad scientist experiments on a two headed creature that later escapes after the scientist transplants a killer brain into his caretaker's son's body.  www.amazon.com This was a double feature along with 'Scream and Scream Again' in 1971 Color United States
Indestructable Man 1956 C.G.K. Productions Crime/Drama/Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Jack Pollexfen Jack Pollexfen Lon Chaney Jr./Max Showalter/Marian Carr Vy Russel/Sue Dwiggins Scientific Experiments bring an executed criminal back to live and make him invincible.  The Internet Archive This was a double feature along with 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' in1956 B/W United States
The Inspector General 1949 Warner Bros. Pictures Comedy/Musical/Romance Henry Koster Sylvia Fine/Jerry Wald Danny Kayle/Walter Slezak/Barbara Bates Philip Rapp/Walter Slezak/Barbara Bates A stooge travels the coutnryside as a snake-oil salesman and is picked up on a vagrancy charge.  The Internet Archive The play opened in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1836.  Color United States
Invisible Ghost 1941 Banner Productions/Monogram Pictures Drama/Horror/Mystery/Romance Joseph H. Lewis Sam Katzman/Pete Mayer Bela Lugosi/Polly Ann Young/John McGuire Helen Martin/Al Martin After his wife deserts him, a model citizen becomes a homicidal maniac. The Internet Archive First of nine films interpreted by Bela Lugosi for Monogram Pictures.  B/W United States
Jack and the Beanstalk 1952 Exclusive Productions Inc. Comedy/Family/Fantasy/Musical Jean Yarbrough Lou Costello/Pat Costello/Alex Gottlieb Bud Abbot/Lou Costello/Buddy Bear Nathaniel Curtis/Pat Costello Abbott and Costello's rendition of the classic tale.  The Internet Archive Many of the items in the castle are not giant sized as they should be. B/W Color version available United States
The Jackie Robinson Story 1950 Jewel Pictures Biography/Drama/Sport Alfred E. Green  Mort Briskon/William Joseph Heineman/Joseph H. Nadel Jackie Robinson/Ruby Dee/Minor Watson Arthur Mann/Louis Pollock This is the Biography of the first African American baseball major league player.  The Internet Archive This was the final film of Laurence Criner.  B/W United States
Jail Bait 1954 Howco Productions Inc.  Crime/Film-Noir/Thriller Ed Wood Edward D. Wood Jr.  Lyle Talbot/Dolores Fuller/Herber Rawlinson Edward D. Wood Jr.  A young man is drawn into a life of crime.  The Internet Archive The lead Clancy Malone delivered Edward D. Wood Jr.'s groceries. B/W United States
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter 1966 Circle Productions Horror/Sci-Fi/Western William Beaudine Carroll Case John Lupton/Narda Onyx/Cal Boder Carl K. Hittleman Wild West outlaw Jesse James hides in the castle of Baron Frankenstein's Granddaughter while on the run.  The Internet Archive This film was part of a double feature with Billy the Kid vs. Dracula Color United States
Jungle Book 1942 Alexander Korda Films Action/Adventure/Family Zoltan Korda Alexander Korda Sabu/Joseph Calleia/John Qualen Laurence Stallings A boy is raised by wolves but must adapt to life as a human.  The Internet Archive The recordings that were used from the films soundtrack were commercially successful when released, this was a first.  Color United States
Jungle Jitters 1938 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Short/Comedy Friz Freleng Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc George Manuell A tribe of African cannibals imitates Native Americans,  The Internet Archive This cartoon is considered racist and is therefore controversial.  Color United States
Kansas Pacific 1953 Allied Artists Pictures Romance/Western Ray Nazarro Edward Morey Jr./Walter Wagner Sterling Hayden/Eve Miller/Barton MacLane Daniel B. Ullman Southern saboteurs attack railroad construction with the Civil War approaching.  The Internet Archive The dome in the Capitol building is shown as completed which is a chronological error since it was not yet completed in the year this film was set (1863) Color United States
The Killer Shrews 1959 Hollywood Pictures Corporation Horror/Sci-Fi Ray Kellogg Ken Curtis/Gordon McLendon James Best/Ingrid Goude/Ken Curtis Jay Simms A group of people on an island are terrorized by giant shrews.  The Internet Archive Dogs played the shrews.  B/W United States
King of the Zombies 1941 Monogram Pictures Comedy/Horror Jean Yarbrough Lindsley Parsons Dick Purcell/Joan Woodbury/Mantan Moreland Edmond Kelso A stranded pilot, passneger, and his manservant take refuge in a mansion on an isolated island in wwII where they become convinced it is haunted.  The Internet Archive The role of Dr. Victor Sangre was originally intended for Bela Lugosi B/W United States
Kansas City Confidential 1952 Associated Players and Producers Crime/Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery Phil Karlson Edward Small John Payne/Coleen Gray/Preston Foster George Bruce/Harry Essex An ex-con is framed for robbery and must find the true bandits in Mexico.  The Internet Archive The actor Preston Foster plays a character whom he shares his last name with.  B/W United States
Lady Frankenstein 1971 Condor International Productions Horror/Sci-Fi Mel Welles Umberto Borsato/Hubert Case/Gioele Centanni/Harry Cushing/Egidio Gelso/Jules Kenton/Mel Welles Joseph Cotten/Rosalba Neri/Paul Muller Mel Welles/Umberto Borsato Dr. Frankenstein's daughter and lab assistants continue his experiments after he is killed.  The Internet Archive Featured in 'Frankenstein:A Cinematic Scrapbook'  in 1991 Color Italy
The Lady Vanishes 1938 Gainsbourough Pictures Comedy/Mystery/Romance/Thriller Alfred Hitchcock Edward Black Margaret Lockwood/Michael Redgrave/Paul Lukas Sidney Gilliat A girl realizes an old lady disappeared from the train in europe, but nobody believes her.  The Internet Archive Orson Welles saw this film 11 times.  B/W United Kingdom
Laser Mission 1989 Azimuth/IMV Vertieb Media/Interfilm L.A. Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi BJ Davis Hans Kuhle Sr.  Brandon Lee/Debi A. Monahan/Ernest Borgnine Phillip Gutteridge A mercenary must seize a laser expert from Cuba before the KGB gets him.  www.archive.org The countdown on a bomb in the film starts at 9:99 instead of 9:59.  Color United States/Germany/South Africa
The Last Man on Earth 1964 Produzioni La Regina. Associated Producers Horror/Sci-Fi/Drama Ubaldo Ragona/Sidney Salkow Samuel Z. Arkoff/Harold E. Knox/Robert L. Lippert Vincent Price/Franca Bettoia/Emma Danieli William F. Leicester/Richard Matheson The last man on earth becomes a vampire hunter after all of humanity becomes walking dead.  The Internet Archive The screenwriter was credited under a different name because he didn;t like the result.  B/W Italy/United States
The Last Time I Saw Paris 1954 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Drama/Romance Richard Brooks Jack Cummings Elizabeth Taylor/Van Johnson/Walter PIdgeon Julius J. Epstein/Philip G. Epstein A man reminisces about Parisian life after liberation.  The Internet Archive Loosely based on "Babylon Revisited" by F. Scott Fitzgerald Color United States
Last Woman on Earth 1960 Redfoot Productions Short/Comedy Roger Corman Chris Garcia Kate Kelton/Frank Ramirez/Marin Carpenter Chris Garcia/Stephen Sprinkles A woman believes she may be the last woman left on earth.  The Internet Archive The tagline for this film is "What would you do if no one were watching?" Color United States
Little Lord Fauntleroy 1936 Selznick International Pictures Drama/Family John Cromwell David O. Selznick Freddit Bartholemew/Dolores Costello/C. Aubrey Smith Hugh Walpole An American Boy is sent to live with a lord who oversees his trust after learning he is the long lost heir of a British fortune.  The Internet Archive This film is in public domain due to the demise of Selznick International Pictures B/W United States
The Little Princess 1939 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Comedy/Drama/Family/Musical Walter Lang Gene Markey Shirley Temple/Richard Greene/Anita Louise Ethel Hill/Walter Ferris A girl is left in a girls seminary after her father leaves for Africa with the army.  The Internet Archive The costumes of Mary Nash from Heidi were recycled for this film.  Color United States
The Little Shop of Horrors 1960 Santa Clara Productions Comedy/Horror Roger Corman Roger Corman Johnathan Haze/Jackie Joseph/Mel Welles Charles B. Griffith A man nurses a carnivorous, man-eating plant.  The Internet Archive This film was a double feature with 'Black Sunday'. B/W United States
The Lost City 1935 Super Serial Productions Inc.  Sci-Fi Harry Revier Sherman S. Krellberg William 'Stage' Boyd/Kane Richmond/Claudia Dell Zelma Carroll/George M. Merrick A mad scientist plans to take over the world with his earthquake inducing machine.  The Internet Archive Some of the props were used in 'Frankenstein'. B/W United States
The Lost Jungle 1934 Mascot Pictures Adventure/Sci-Fi David Howard/Armand Schaefer Nat Levine Clyde Beatty/Cecilia Parker/Syd Saylor Sherman L. Lowe/Al Martin An animal trainer searches for his girlfriend and her father on an isolated island.  The Internet Archive This film was refernced in '1st Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review' in 1997. B/W United States
The Lost World 1925 First National Pictures Adventure/Fantasy/Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Harry Hoyt Serge Bromberg/Scot MacQueen/David H. Shepard/Jamie White/Earl Hudson Wallace Beery/Bessie Love/Lloyd Hughes Marion Fairfax A film adaptation of the classic by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The Internet Archive The original reel of this film was destroyed in a fire.  B/W United States
M 1931 Nero-Film AG Thriller Fritz Lang Seymour Nebenzal Peter Lorre/Ellen Widmann/Inge Landgut Thea von Harbout/Fritz Lang Criminals assist police to hunt a child-murderer.  The Internet Archive The title is short for 'Murderer'. B/W Germany
The Mad Doctor 1933 Walt Disney Productions Animations/Short/Comedy/Family/Horror/Thriller David Hand Walt Disney Pinto Colvig/Walt Disney n/a Pluto goes to an evil genius' haunted mansion where he tries to transplant his head onto a chicken's body.  n/a This was featured in "Ink and Paint Club: Classic Mickey" in 1997 B/W United States
The Mad Monster 1942 Producers Releasing Corporation Drama/Horror/Romance/Sci-Fi Sam Newfield Sigmund Neufeld Johnny Downs/George Zucco/Anne Nagel Fred Myton A mad scientist transforms his handyman into a werewolf.  The Internet Archive The longest B film made on "poverty row" in the 40's.  B/W United States
Malice In the Palace 1949 Columbia Pictures Corporation Comedy/Short Jules White Jules White Moe Howard/Larry Fine/Shemp Howard Felix Adler The stooges set out to recover a diamond in a desert land.  The Internet Archive One of 4 Three Stooges shorts in public domain.  B/W United States
Man with A Movie Camera 1929 VUKFU Documentary Dziga Vertov n/a Mikhail Kaufman Dziga Vertov A cameraman documents urban life in the Soviet Union.  The Internet Archive This film is included in '1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die' B/W Soviet Union
Manfish 1956 Planet Fimlplays Adventure/Thriller W. Lee Wilder W. Lee Wilder John Bromfield/Lon Chaney Jr./Victory Jory Joel Murcott As they search for lost treasure, three deep sea divers get involved in murder.  The Internet Archive This film was refernced in 'Charles Manson Superstar' in 1989 Color United States
Maniac 1934 Roadshow Attractions Horror Dwain Esper Dwain Esper/Louis Sonney/Hildegarde Stadie William Woods/Horace B. Carpenter/Ted Edwards Hildegarde Stadie An ex actor helps a mad scientist reanimaite corpses.  The Internet Archive Several key members of the cast in this film are uncredited. B/W United States
The Manster 1959 Lopert Pictures Corporation/Shaw-Breakston Enterprises/United Artists of Japan Horror/Sci-Fi George Breakston/Kenneth G. Crane Ryuichi Aimono/George P. Breakston/Robert V. Perkins/William Shelton Peter Dyneley/Jane Hylton/Tetsu Nakamura William J. Sheldon A mad Japanese scientist is working on strange experiments when an American reporter is sent to interview him.  The Internet Archive 'Army of Darkness' pays homage to this film.  B/W United States/Japan
Marihuana 1936 Roadshow Attractions Crime/Drama Dwain Esper Dwain Esper/Hildegarde Stadie Harley Wood/Hugh McArthur/Pat Carlyle Hildegarde Stadie A young woman gradually becomes a drug dealer. The Internet Archive This film was distributed along with the short film 'How to Undress in Front of Your Husband' B/W United States
McLintock 1963 Batjac Productions Comedy/Romance/Western Andrew V. McLaglen Michael Wayne John Wayne/Maureen O'Hara/Patrick Wayne James Edward Grant GW Mclintock is a rich cattle baron.  The Internet Archive John Wayne intended this film to be a statement of his political views. Color United States
Mechanical Man 1932 Universal Studios/Walter Lantz Productions Animation/Short Bill Nolan/Walter Lantz Walter Lantz n/a Walter Lantz/Bill Nolan An animated Short featuring Oswald the Rabbit.  n/a This is the 107th short in the Oswald the Rabbit series.  B/W United States
Meet John Doe 1941 Frank Capra Productions Comedy/Drama/Romance Frank Capra Frank Capra Gary Cooper/Barbara Stanwyck/Edward Arnold Robert Riskin A man agrees to impersonate someone who doesn't exist who said he would commit suicide as a protest, and a political movements ensues.  The Internet Archive Frank Capra only wanted Gary Cooper for the lead role.  B/W United States
Metropolis 1927 Universum Film Drama/Sci-Fi Fritz Lang Erich Pommer Brigitte Helm/Alfred Abel/Gustav Frohlich Thea Von Harbou In a futuristic city, divided between the working class and the elite architects of the city, the son of an elite architect falls for a working class prophet.  www.archive.org The budget for this film ran about $200 million, or 5 million Reichsmarks B/W Germany
Midnight Manhunt 1945 Pine-Thomas Productions Comedy/Crime/Mystery  William C. Thomas William H. Pine/William C. Thomas William Gargan/Ann Savage/Leo Gorcey David Lang After being shot in his hotel room, a gangster goes to a wax museum where he dies and female reporter wishes to break the case but must out maneuver her rival reporter boyfriend.  The Internet Archive This film was edited into 'Terror in the Pharoh's Tomb' in 2007 B/W United States
Minnie's Yoo-Hoo 1930 Walt Disney Productions Animation/Short/Comedy/Family/Music Walt Disney Walt Disney Walt Disney n/a Mickey sings a song and audiences sing along.  www.archive.org This cartoon was referenced in 'Once Upon A mouse' in 1981 B/W United States
My Dear Secretary 1948 Cardinal Pictures Comedy/Romance Charles Martin Leo C. Popkin Kirk Douglas/Laraine Day/Keenan Wynn Charles Martin A bestselling novelist hires a secretary and tries to get her back after his playboy antics drive her away.  The Internet Archive The tagline of this film reads "He chased her...'til she caught him!' B/W United States
The Monster Maker 1944 Producers Releasing Corporation Horror Sam Newfield Sigmund Neufeld J. Carrol Naish/Ralph Morgan/Tala Birell Pierre Gendron A mad scientist injects his enemies with a virus that causes them to become deformed.  The Internet Archive The actors make several references to Frankenstein in this film.  B/W United States
The Monster Walks 1932 Ralph M. Like Productions Horror/Mystery Frank R. Strayer Cliff P. Broughton Rex Lease/Vera Reynolds/Sheldon Lewis Robert Ellis On a stormy night, in an old dark house, people are terrorized by a killer ape. The Internet Archive Originally this film was refused a UK cinema certificate but was released uncut and rated PG in 2010.  B/W United States
Mr. Boggs Steps Out 1938 Zion Meyers Comedy/Romance Gordon Wiles Ben Pivar Stuart Erwin/Helen Chandler/Toby Wing Richard English Oliver Boggs is a typical office worker eeking out a hum-drum existence and living everyday the same until one day he wins $1500. The Internet Archive Three of Hollywoods oldest active actors at the time were in this film . B/W United States
Mr. Robinson Crusoe 1932 Elton Productions Adventure/Comedy A. Edward Sutherland Douglas Fairbanks Douglas Fairbanks/Maria Alba/William Farnum Thomas J. Geraghty A yachtsman bets he can survive well on an island.  The Internet Archive This film is referenced in 'Have You Got Any Castles' in 1938. B/W United States
My Favorite Brunette 1947 Hope Enterprises Comedy/Romance/Mystery Elliot Nugent Daniel Dare/Bob Hope Bob Hope/Dorothy Lamour/Peter Lorre Edmund Beloin/Jack Rose A man on death row in San Quentin tells the story of how he got there.  The Internet Archive The peninsula Mansion from the film still exists.  B/W United States
Neath Brooklyn Bridge 1942 Banner Productions/Monogram Pictures Comedy/Drama/Romance/War Wallace Fox Jack Dietz/Sam Katzman Leo Gorcey/Huntz Hall/Bobby Jordan Harvey Gates A young girl is found in the apartment of a man who has just been murdered.  The Internet Archive This film follows 'Bowery Blitzkreig' from 1941 B/W United States
The New Adventures of Tarzan 1935 Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises Inc. Action/Adventure Edward Kull Edgar Rice Burroughs Bruce Bennett/Ula Holt/Ashton Dearholt Bennett Cohen Tarzan tries to find his friend with and joins with Martling.  The Internet Archive This film was edited into 'Tarzan and the Green Goddess' in 1938 B/W United States
Night of the Living Dead 1968 Image Ten/Laurel Group/Market Square Productions Horror/Mystery  George A. Romero Karl Hardman/Russell Streiner Duane Jones/Judith O'Dea/Karl Hardman John A. Russo/George A. Romero People hide from zombies in a farmhouse in this classic.  The Internet Archive Chocolate syrup was used for blood in this film.  B/W United States
Nightmare Castle 1965 Cinematografica Emmeci Horror Mario Caiano Carlo Caiano Barbara Steele/Paul Muller/Helga Line Mario Caiano/Fabio De Agostini A woman and her lover are tortured to death by her husband and seek vengeance from beyond the grave.  The Internet Archive The director wanted the gore scenes highlighted with more red but it was dropped due to budget constraints.  B/W Italy
Nothing Sacred 1937 Selznick International Pictures Comedy/Drama/Romance  William A. Wellman David O. Selznick Carol Lombard/Fredric March/Charles Winninger Ben Hecht A woman learns she was misdiagnosed with radium poisoning and isn't going to die.  The Internet Archive Carole Lombard's only Technicolor film.  Color United States
One Body Too Many 1944 Pine-Thomas Productions Comedy/Horror/Mystery Frank McDonald William H. Pine/William C. Thomas Bela Lugosi/Jack Haley/Jean Parker Winston Miller/Maxwell Shane An insurance investigator tries to protect a millionaire after death threats.  The Internet Archive This film was made in January of 1944 but not released until October.  B/W United States
One More Time 1931 Leon Schlesinger Studios Family/Animation/Musical/Short/Comedy Rudolf Ising Leon Schlesinger n/a n/a A cop tries to enforce the law but gangsters throw a wrench into his plans when they kidnap his girl.  n/a Foxy's chest disappears and reappears, a flaw in the cartoon.  B/W United States
Our Gang Follies of 1938 1937 Hal Roach Studios Comedy/Family/Musical/Short Gordon Douglas Gordon Douglas Darla Hood/Darwood Kaye/George McFarland/Billly Thomas/Carl Switzer n/a The Three Stooges and Alfalfa are to put on a show called "King of the Crooners" but Alfalfa has other plans.  The Internet Archive Mashed potatoes and whipped cotton were used to make the "ice cream sundaes" in Club Spanky. B/W United States
The Outlaw 1943 Howard Hughes Productions Comedy/Drama/Romance/Western Howard Hughes Howard Hughes Jane Russell/Jack Buetel/Thomas Mitchell Jules Furthman Doc Holiday, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kidd fight for the attention of Rio McDonald.  The Internet Archive Howard Hughes and his engineers designed a special bra for Jane Russels bust which she never wore.  B/W United States
The Painted Hills 1951 MGM Studios Family/Western Harold F. Kress Chester M. Franklin Pal/Paul Kelly/Bruce Cowling True Boardman A Lassie film where he is left with Tommy while Johnathan goes off to claim his fortune and is killed by his partner.  The Internet Archive This was the last of the 'Lassie' films.  Color United States
Pantry Panic 1941 Walter Lantz Productions Short/Family/Animation/Comedy Walter Lantz  Walter Lantz Mel Blanc/Sara Berner/Bernice Hansen Ben Hardaway/Lowell Elliott Its Woody vs. the Cat after a blizzard leave them both starving.  The Internet Archive This short was featured in 'Animated Century' in 2003 Color United States
Parlor, Bedroom, and Bath 1931 MGM Studios Comedy Edward Sedgwick Buster Keaton Buster Keaton/Charlotte Greenwood/Reginald Denny C.W. Bell/Mark Swan Virginia wont marry until her older sister does.  The Internet Archive This was filmed in Buster Keaton's actual house.  B/W United States
Penny Serenade 1941 Columbia Pictures Drama/Romance George Stevens George Stevens Cary Grant/Irene Dunne/Beulah Bondi Morrie Ryskind A woman ponders her troubled marriage and contemplates leaving her husband.  The Internet Archive An adaptation of this film was broadcast on the radio by "Lux Radio Theatre" B/W United States
Perversion for Profit 1965 Citizens for Decent Literature Inc. Documentary/Short n/a Charles Keating George Putnam n/a George Putnam narrates an argument against pornography.  The Internet Archive This film was featured in 'Slut' in 2004 Color United States
The Phantom Empire 1935 Mascot Pictures Musical/Sci-Fi/Western/Family Otto Brower/B. Reeves Eason Nat Levine Gene Autry/Frankie Darro/Betsy King Ross Wallace MacDonald/Gerald Geraghty/Hy Freedman Gene Autry stumbles upon a civilization beneath his ranch.  The Internet Archive Ken Maynard dropped out of the main role. B/W United States
The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues 1955 Milner Brothers Sci-Fi  Dan Milner Jack Milner Kent Taylor/Cathy Downs/Michael Whalen Lou Rusoff Ocean life is mutated into a monster by a radioactive rock.  The Internet Archive Strings can be seen on the creature in part of the film.  B/W United States
The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Universal Pictures Drama/Horror  Rupert Julian Carl Laemmle Lon Chaney/Mary Philbin/Norman Kerry Raymond L. Schrock/Elliott J. Clawson A disfigured organist dwells beneath the Opera House in Paris and falls in love with a singer there.  The Internet Archive This was filmed at Universal Studios Stage 28. B/W United States
The Phantom Planet 1961 Four Crown Productions Inc. Adventure/Sci-Fi William Marshall Fred Gebhardt Dean Fredericks/Coleen Gray/Anthony Dexter William Telaak/Fred De Gorter/Fred Gebhardt An astronaut is miniaturized on the surface of an asteroid.  The Internet Archive The end title reads "the beginning" B/W United States
Plan 9 from Outer Space 1959 Reynolds Pictures Horror/Sci-Fi Edward D. Wood Jr.  Edward D. Wood Jr. Bela Lugosi/Gregory Walcott/Tom Keene Edward D. Wood Jr. Dead humans are resurrected as vampires and zombies by aliens.  The Internet Archive This film was funded by a church and several members of the cast were baptized.  B/W United States
Planet of Dinosaurs 1977 Cineworld Pictures Sci-Fi/Drama James Shea James K. Shea Mary Appleseth/Harvey Shain/Derna Wylde Ralph Lucas A spaceship is forced to land on an unknown planet.  www.archive.org All of the men except Chuck Pennigton have moustaches.  Color United States
The Plumber 1933 Universal Pictures/Walter Lantz Productions Animation/Short Bill Nolan/Walter Lantz Walter Lantz n/a n/a Oswald the Lucky Rabbit fails to control a leak.  n/a Features the song "Ain't Gonna Rain No More" B/W United States
Poor Cinderella 1934 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short/Comedy/Fantasy/Musical Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Bonie Poe n/a Betty Boop's rendition of Cinderella. The Internet Archive The first color cartoon from Fleischer Studios.  Color United States
Popeye the Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Theives 1937 Fleischer Studios Adventure/Animation/Comedy/Short Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Jack Mercer/Mae Questel/Lou Fleischer n/a Popeye must stop the bandit Abu Hassan and his thieves.  The Internet Archive Inspired by "Ali Baba and the Forty Theives" Color United States
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor 1936 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short/Comedy/Musical/Family/Fantasy Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Jack Mercer/Mae Questel/Lou Fleischer n/a Popeye and Sinbad do battle.  The Internet Archive The first Popeye cartoon in Technicolor.  Color United States
Princess Iron Fan 1941 Cinema Epoch Animation Wan Guchan/Wan Laiming Wan Guchan/Wan Laiming Wan Guchan/Chizuko Kanda/Wan Laiming n/a Adapted from a sequence in Chinese folk tale 'Journey to the West' The Internet Archive This is the first full length cartoon from China.  B/W China
Prisoners of the Lost Universe 1983 Marcel/Robertson Productions Ltd/United Media Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi Terry Marcel Harry Robertson Richard Hatch/Kay Lenz/John Saxon Terry Marcel Transported to a parallel universe three people must use medieval weapons to save the citizens from a warlord.  Internet Archive This film debuted on cable in the US.  Color United Kingdom
Queen of the Amazons 1947 Screen Guild Productions Action/Adventure/Mystery/Romance Edward Finney Edward Finney Robert Lowery/Patricia Morison/J.Edward Bromberg Roger Merton A woman's husband is captured by a female tribe.  Internet Archive This film was referenced in "Planet X: Episode 2.1" in 2006 B/W United States
Radar Men from the Moon 1952 Republic Pictures Action/Sci-Fi Fred C. Brannon Franklin Adreon George Walllace/Aline Towne/Roy Barcroft Ronald Davidson Targets on Earth are being obliterated by unknown means that are suspected to be rays from the moon.  The Internet Archive The "rocketman suit" was recycled from 'King of the Rocket Men' B/W United States
Rain 1932 Feature Productions Drama Lewis Milestone Lewis Milestone Fred Howard/Ben Hendricks Jr./William Gargan Maxwell Anderson A missionary man helps a prostitute find redemption. The Internet Archive Joan Crawford liked this film the least because of the box office returns.  B/W United States
The Red House 1947 Sol Lesser Productions Horror/Mystery/Thriller Delmer Daves Sol Lesser Edward G. Robinson/Lon McCallister/Judith Anderson Delmer Daves The red house holds a secret for Meg and Nath.  Internet Archive The tagline of this film was "Of this man...and the girl who lived in The Red House...people spoke only in whispers!" B/W United States
Reefer Madness aka Tell Your Children 1936 George A. Hirliman Productions Drama Louis Gasnier George A Hirliman Dorothy Short/Kenneth Craig/Lillian Miles Arthur Hoerl A cautionary tale depicting the dangers of marijuana use.  Internet Archive The films origins are controversial.  B/W United States
Revolt of the Zombies 1936 Edward Halperin Productions/Victor Halperin Productions Drama/Horror/Mystery/Romance/War Victor Halperin Edward Halperin Victor Halperin/Howard Higgin/Rollo Lloyd Dorothy Stone/Dean Jagger/Roy D'Arcy An expedition is launched to destroy a zombie formula.  The Internet Archive The superimposed eyes shown belong to Bela Lugosi.  B/W United States
Road to Bali 1952 Paramount Pictures/Bing Crosby Productions/Hope Enterprises Comedy/Fantasy/Musical Hal Walker Daniel Dare/Harry Tugend Bing Crosby/Bob Hope/Dorothy Lamour Frank Butler/Hal Kanter/William Morrow/Harry Tugend Two performers get work as divers.  The Internet Archive The only "Road" picture in Technicolor. Color United States
Royal Wedding 1951 MGM Studios Comedy/Musical/Romance Stanley Donen Arthur Freed Fred Astaire/Jane Powell/Peter Lawford Alan Jay Lerner A sibling dance act go to London during a Royal Wedding.  The Internet Archive Judy Garland attempted suicide after being fired from this film.  Color United States
Salt of the Earth 1954 Independent Production Company Drama/History Herbert J. Biberman Paul Jarrico Juan Chacon/Rosaura Revueltas/Will Geer Michael Wilson A film that speaks to the discrimination of Mexican American workers.  The Internet Archive This film was based on a real strike against a mine.  B/W United States
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 1964 Jalor Productions Comedy/Family/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Nicholas Webster Paul L. Jacobson John Call/Leonard Hicks/Vincent Beck Glenville Mareth Martians kidnap Santa to make presents.  The Internet Archive The guns of the Martians are Whammo Air Blasters.  Color United States
Santa Fe Trail 1940 Warner Brothers Action/Adventure/Biography/Drama/History/Romance/War/Western Michael Curtiz Hal B. Wallis Errol Flynn/Olivia de Havilland/Raymond Massey/Ronald Reagan Robert Buckner A story of romance and battle in the days before the outbreak of the civial war.  The Internet Archive This film premiered in Santa Fe, New Mexico. B/W United States
Scared to Death 1947 Golden Gate Pictures Thriller Christy Cabannne William B. David Bela Lugosi/George Zucco/Molly Lamont Walter Abbott A dead young woman tells the story of how she got to the morgue.  The Internet Archive This film was shot in the Cinecolor process usually reserve for low budget Westerns.  Color United States
Scarlet Street  1945 Fritz Lang Productions Drama/Film-Noir Fritz Lang Fritz Lang Edward G. Robinson/Joan Bennett/Dan Duryea Dudley Nichols A woman's fiance talks her into conning a man in a mid life crisis out of a fortune she suspects him of having.  The Internet Archive The second Jean Renoir remanke by Fritz Lang.  B/W United States
School's Out 1930 Hal Roach Studios Comedy/Family/Short Robert F. McGowan Hal Roach Jackie Cooper/Allen 'Farina' Hoskins/Norman 'Chubby' Chaney H.M. Walker Children plan to discourage Miss Crabtree's brother, who they think is her potential boyfriend.  The Internet Archive When Mary Ann Jackson answers"What Did George Washington Say...?" it is an reference to the song my Helen Kane "What Did Cleopatra Say?" B/W United States
Scrap Happy Daffy 1943 Warner Bros. Pictures Animation/Short Frank Tashlin Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc n/a Hitler sends daffy a goat. n/a Hitler refers to Daffy as a "Non Aryan Duck" in the subtitles. B/W United States
The Screaming Skull 1958 Madera Productions Horror/Thriller Alex Nicol Thomas F. Woods/John Kneubuhl John Hudson/Peggy Webber/Russ Conway John Kneubuhl A newlywed wife thinks she is going insane after eerie events transpire at the home of her husbands late wife.  The Internet Archive This score is the early work of Ernest Gold. B/W United States
Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat 1941 Universal Pictures/Walter Lantz Productions Animation/Musical/Short/Comedy Walter Lantz  Walter Lantz Mel Blanc Ben Hardaway Black racist stereotypes are perpetuated in this short.  The Internet Archive This short is very controversial.  Color United States
Second Chorus 1940 Paramount Pictures Comedy/Romance/Musical H.C. Potter Boris Morros Fred Astaire/Paulette Goddard/Artie Shaw Elaine Ryan/Ian McLellan Hunter College students get jobs with Artie Shaw's band when forced to make it on their won.  The Internet Archive Fred Astaire's trumpet part was dubbed by Bobby Hackett.  B/W United States
The Second Woman 1950 Cardinal Pictures Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery/Romance James V. Kern Harry M. Popkin/Robert Smith/Mort Briskin/Joseph Nadel Robert Young/Betsy Drake/John Sutton Mort Briskin/Robert Smith Ellen Foster visits her aunt and meets her neighbor who she is attracted to, but he may be dangerous.  The Internet Archive Cohalan mentions a famous New York landmark, the Flatiron.  B/W United States
Sex Madness 1938 Cinema Service Corp. Drama Dwain Esper Dwain Esper Vivian McGill/Rose Tapley/Al Rigali Joseph Seiden/Vincent Valentini Illustrating the dangers of casual sex, this film is a cautionary tale against going to Burlesque shows.  The Internet Archive An actress nearly messes up her line when a window falls shut.  B/W United States
She Gods of Shark Reef 1958 American International Pictures Adventure Roger Corman Ludwig H. Gerber Bill Cord/Don Durant/Lisa Montell Robert Hill/Victor Stoloff Two brothers are shipwrecked on an island of women with a treasure of pearls. The Internet Archive This film was shot in the same location of 'Naked Paradise' Color United States
Shock 1946 Twentieth Century Fox Crime/Film-Noir/Thriller Alfred L. Werker Aubrey Schenck Vincent Price/Lynn Bari/Frank Latimore Eugene Ling A woman is committed to an asylum by a man who she saw commit murder.  The Internet Archive This film was shot in 19 days.  B/W United States
A Shriek in the Night 1933 Allied Pictures Corporation Comedy/Crime/Mystery/Romance/Thriller Albert Ray M.H. Hoffman Jr. Ginger Rogers/Lyle Talbot/Harvey Clark Frances Hyland Two rival reporters join forces to solve a series of murders.  The Internet Archive The actress Louise Beavers is listed as "Louise Beaver" wrongly.  B/W United States
Silent Night, Bloody Night 1974 Armor Films Inc./Cannon Productions/Jeffrey Konvitz Productions Horror/Mystery/Thriller Theodore Gershuny Ami Artzi/Jeffrey Konvitz Patrick O'Neal/James Patterson/Mary Woronov Theodore Gershuny/Jeffrey Konvitz A man inherits a mansion that used to be an asylum and investigates old crimes.  The Internet Archive This film appeared in 'Elvira's Movie Macabre' Color United States
Sing a Song of Six Pants 1947 Columbia Pictures Comedy/Short Jules White Jules White Moe Howard/Larry Fine/Shemp Howard Felix Adler The three stooges are tailors who want to nab a robber for reward.  The Internet Archive One of four Three Stooges shorts in the public domain.  B/W United States
Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman 1947 Universal International Pictures Drama/Music/Romance Stuart Heisler Walter Wanger Susan Hayward/Eddie Albert/Lee Bowman/Marsha Hunt John Howard Lawson A nightclub singer marries a songwriter. The Internet Archive This film is based on the life of entertainer Dixie Lee B/W United States
Smile, DarnYa, Smile! 1931 Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Family/Short/Comedy Rudolf Ising Leon Schlesinger n/a n/a The conductor of a streetcar deals with a hippo and a cow while his hobo passengers sing.  n/a Foxy mumbles a track backward saying "Susie heard one of those Atlantic Bells! Whataya think?" B/W United States
Snafuperman 1944 Warner Brothers Pictures Animation/Short/Comedy Friz Freleng Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Tedd Pierce Dr. Seuss Private Snafu doesn't study his field manuals and becomes the worlds dumbest hero.  The Internet Archive When Snafu transforms, the Superman series theme from Fleischer Studios is heard. B/W United States
Snake People 1971 Azteca Films/Columbia Pictures Horror/Mystery Jack Hill Juan Ibanez/Luis Enrique Vergara Boris Karloff/Julissa/Carlos East Jack Hill An army of zombies crazed by LSD is ran by a mad scientist.  The Internet Archive Boris Karloff's next to last feature.  Color Mexico/United States
Snow White 1933 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short/Comedy/Family  Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Cab Calloway Jacob Grimm/Wilhelm Grimm Betty Boop's rendition of Snow White.  The Internet Archive This short took Crandall 6 months to do.  B/W United States
Something to Sing About 1937 Zion Meyers Productions Comedy/Musical Victor Schertzinger Zion Myers/Victor Schertzinger James Cagney/Evelyn Daw/William Frawley Austin Parker A New York bandleader is offered a contract studio in Hollywood, but is determined to have his way.  The Internet Archive James Cagney practiced dancing with Fred Astaire to prepare.  B/W United States
Special Delivery 1946 U.S. Army Air Force Propaganda/Documentary n/a U.S. Army Air Force n/a n/a A propaganda from about Bikini Atoll and Operation Crossroads.  The Internet Archive Originally three atomic bomb tests were planned.  B/W United States
Spider Baby 1968 Adventure Pictures Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller Jack Hill Gil Lasky/Paul Monka Lon Chaney Jr./Carol Ohmart/Quinn K. Redeker Jack Hill After his fathers death, a caretaker care s for three demented adults. The Internet Archive The Smith Estate in LA was used for the Merrye house. B/W United States
The Spirit of '43 1943 Walt Disney Productions Animation/Short/Documentary/Comedy/Drama Jack King Walt Disney Clarence Nash Joe Grant Donald handles income taxes and learns of their benefit to the war effort. www.archive.org A precursor to the Scrooge McDuck character is portrayed here,  Color United States
Spring in a Small Town 1948 Wenhua Film Company Drama/Romance Fei Mu n/a Chaoming Cui/Wei Li/Yu Shi Tianji Li This film tells the story of the once prosperous Dai family. The Internet Archive Voted best Chinese-language film by Hong Kong Film Critics Society in 2002. B/W China
Stamp Day for Superman 1954 Superman Inc./U.S. Department of the Treasury Short Fantasy Thoman Carr Whitney Ellsworth George Reeves/Noel Neill/Jack Larson David T. Chantler/Jackson Gillis Superman is promoting US Savings Stamps when he is interrupted by having to save Lois Lane.  The Internet Archive This film was never shown theatrically, it was shown in schools to educate children.  B/W United States
A Star is Born 1937 Selznick International Pictures Drama Willaim A. Wellman David O. Selznick Janet Gaynor/Fredric March/Adolphe Menjou Dorothy Parker/Alan Campbell/Robert Carson A woman goes to hollywood to become an actress.  The Internet Archive The first all color film up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  Color United States
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 1946 Hal Walllis Productions Drama Film-Noir Lewis Milestone Hal B. Wallis Barbara Stanwyck/Van Heflin/Lizabeth Scott/Kirk Douglas Robert Rossen A domineering woman is married to an alcoholic D.A. who is the sole witness to her crime.  The Internet Archive This film was Kirk Douglas's debut. B/W United States
The Stranger 1946 International Pictures Crime/Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery/Thriller Orson Welles Sam Spiegel Orson Welles/Edward G. Robinson/Loretta Young Anthony Veiller An investigator searches for a Nazi in the states.  The Internet Archive The first film after WWII depicting footage of concentration camps. B/W United States
Street Angel 1937 Mingxing Film Company/Star Film Comedy/Drama/Musical Muzhi Yuan n/a Dan Zhao/Yiting Chen/Zhicheng Feng Muzhi Yuan Two sisters have fled from the war where they are living with their abusive parents.  The Internet Archive Praised as one of the classics of the "leftist" filmmaking period that peaked in the 30's.  B/W China
The Street Fighter's Last Revenge 1974 Toei Company Action/Crime/Drama ShigerhiroOzawa n/a Sonny Chiba/Reiko Ike/Koji Wada Koji Takada/Masahiro Shimura A man is hired to recover a tape with a heroin formula but is double crossed. The Internet Archive This film was referenced in "The Angry Video Game Nerd: Street Fighter 2010" in 2010 Color Japan
Suddenly 1954 Libra Productions Inc. Crime/Drama/Film-Noir/Romance/Thriller Lewis Allen Robert Bassler Frank Sinatra/Sterling Hayden/James Gleason Richard Sale Three gangsters trap a family in their house and intend to kill the president. The Internet Archive In the colorized version Frank Sinatra is given brown eyes. B/W United States
Superman 1941 Fleischer Studios Animation/Short/Action/Adventure/Family/Fantasy/Sci-Fi Dave Fleischer Max Fleischer Bud Collyer/Joan Alexander/Jackson Beck Seymour Kneitel/Izzy Sparber Superman saves Metropolis from a mad scientist. The Internet Archive The first appearance of the "Faster than a speeding bullet..." intro.  Color United States
Swamp Women 1955 American International Pictures/Bernard Woolner Productions Adventure/Crime/Horror/Romance/Thriller Roger Corman Bernard Woolner Marie Windsor/Carole Mathews/Beverly Garland David Stern A policewoman helps convicts escape to lead her to a stash of hidden diamonds.  The Internet Archive This film was made in only 22 days. Color United States
A Tale of Two Kitties 1942 Warner Brothers Pictures/Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Family/Short/Comedy Bob Clampett Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Tedd Pierce Warren Foster Babbot and Catstello try to catch Tweety.  The Internet Archive Tweety is pink in this version, and his original name is Orson is early model sheets.  Color United States
Tarzan the Tiger 1929 Adventure Pictures Action/Adventure Henry MacRae Carl Laemmle/Henry MacRae Frank Merrill/Natalie Kingston/Al Ferguson William Lord Wright/Ian McClosky Tarzan's estate is destroyed by Arabs and Jane is sold into slavery.  The Internet Archive This serial survived b/c it was a "talking" serial. B/W United States
Teenage Zombies 1959 GBM Productions Horror/Sci-Fi Jerry Warren Jerry Warren Don Sullivan/Katherine Victor/Steve Conte Jerry Warren A mad scientist uses nerve gas to turn teenagers into her slaves.  The Internet Archive The title score was taken from 'Kronos' B/W United States
Teenagers From Outer Space 1959 Tom Graeff Productions Action/Drama/Horror/Romance/Sci-Fi/Thriller Tom Graeff Tom Graefff David Love/Dawn Bender/Bryan Grant Tom Graeff An alien falls for a teenage girl. The Internet Archive The director posed as a UCLA student and got to film free in a woman's home b/x the could not afford soundstage time.  B/W United States
Terror By Night 1946 Universal Pictures Mystery/Thriller Roy William Neill Howard Benedict/Roy William Neill Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce/Alan Mowbray Frank Gruber When a diamond is stolen and the son of its owner murdered, Sherlock Holmes is on the case.  The Internet Archive C. Aubrey Smith plays a gentlemen sitting on the train.  B/W United States
That Uncertain Feeling 1941 Ernst Lubitsch Productions Inc. Comedy Ernst Lubitsch Ernst Lubitsch Merle Oberon/Melvyn Douglas/Burgess Meredith Donald Ogden Stewart A woman is disillusioned by her husband after speaking with a psychoanalyst. The Internet Archive A loose remake of the film 'Kiss Me Again' from 1925. B/W United States
The Terror of Tiny Town 1938 Jed Buell Productions/Principal Productions Comedy/Musical/Western Sam Newfield Jed Buell Billy Curtis/Yvonne Moray/'Little Billy' Rhodes Fred Myton An evil midget terrorizes the citizens of tiny town.  The Internet Archive Included in "The Fifty Worst Films of All Time (and how they got that way) B/W United States
The Terror  1963 Filmgroup Drama/Fantasy/Horror/Mystery/Thriller Roger Corman/Francis Ford Coppola/Monte Hellman/Jack Hill/Jack Nicholson Roger Corman/Francis Ford Coppola/Harvey Jacobson Boris Karloff/Jack Nicholson/Sandra Knight Leo Gordon/Jack Hill An officer in Napoleon's Army follows a woman to an elderly Baron's castle.  The Internet Archive Sandra Knight was pregnant during the filming of this movie.  Color United States
They Made Me a Criminal  1939 Warner Brothers Pictures Crime/Drama/Mystery/Sport Busby Berkeley Hal B. Wallis/Benjamin Glazer John Garfield/Claude Rains/The Dead End Kids Sig Herzig A boxer believes he committed a murder while drunk.  The Internet Archive The play opened in 1933 off Broadway in New York City.  B/W United States
This is the Army 1943 Warner Brothers Pictures Comedy/Musical/War Michel Curtiz Hal B. Wallis/Jack L. Warner Ronald Reagan/Joan Leslie/George Murphy Casey Robinson/Claude Binyon/Irving Berlin A musical comedy about a dancer staging a show on Broadway and his son doing the same.  The Internet Archive The first Warner Bros musical shot in three strip technicolor. Color United States
Three Came Home 1950 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation War/Drama Jean Neulesco Nunnally Johnson Claudette Colbert/Patric Knowles/Florence Desmond Nunnally Johnson Agnes Newton Keith is a prisoner at a Japanese POW camp from 1941 to the end of WWII.  The Internet Archive This film is based on the best selling memoir of Agnes Newton Keith.  B/W United States
To Duck or Not to Duck 1943 Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Family/Short/Comedy Charles M. Jones Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Arthur Q. Bryan Todd Pierce Daffy Duck challenges Elmer to a boxing match.  www.amazon.com This title is a play on words from Hamlet "to be or not to be" Color United States
To the Shores of Iwo Jima 1945 U.S. Government Office of War Information/U.S. Coast Guard/U.S. Marine Corps Documentery/Short/War n/a Milton Sperling Harlon Block/John H. Bradley/Rene A. Gagnon n/a This film is a depiction of the American assault on Iwo Jima. The Internet Archive Four cameramen died and ten were wounded during the making of this film.  Color United States
Too Late for Tears 1949 Hunt Stromberg Productions/Streamline Pictures Drama/Film-Noir/Mystery Byron Haskin Hunt Stromberg Lizabeth Scott/Don DeFore/Dan Duryea Roy Huggins A woman finds a suitcase full of money and will do anything to keep it.  The Internet Archive This screenplay is based on Roy Huggins' Saturday Evening Post serial.  B/W United States
Topper Returns 1941 Hal Roach Studios Fantasy/Mystery/Romance/Comedy Roy Del Ruth Hal Roach Joan Blondell/Roland Young/Carole Landis Jonathan Latimer A couple discovers that they are ghosts.  The Internet Archive This was the first film to be 'colorized' in 1985 B/W United States
Tormented 1960 Cheviot Productions Horror/Thriller Bert I. Gordon Bert I. Gordon/Joe Steinberg Richard Carlson/Susan Gordon/Lugene Sanders George Worthing Yates A man allows his former lover to die but her ghost returns. The Internet Archive Some of the score on this film is from'House on Haunted Hill' B/W United States
Undersea Kingdom 1936 Republic Pictures Sci-Fi/Adventure B. Reeves Eason/Joseph Kane Nat Levine Ray Corrigan/Lois Wilde/Monte Blue John Rathmell/Tracy Knight Adventurers in a rocket submarine find atlantis inhabited and at war.  The Internet Archive The Volkite robots were refurbished for 'Mysterious Doctor Satan' B/W United States
The Vampire Bat 1933 Majestic Pictures Drama/Horror/Mystery/Romance/Sci-Fi Frank R. Strayer Phil Goldstone/Larry Darmour Lionel Atwill/Fay Wray/Melvyn Douglas Edward T. Lowe.Jr. A vampire tell that begins as the villagers of Klineschloss begin to die of blood loss.  The Internet Archive This was filmed on Universal's European Village set.  B/W United States
Vengeance Valley 1951 MGM Western Richard Thorpe Nicholas Nayfack Burt Lancaster/Robert Walker/Joanne Dru Irving Ravetch A cattle baron raises an orphan who his own son grows to hate.  The Internet Archive The tagline for this film read "Based on the Thrilling novel and Saturday Evening Post serial by Luke Short" Color United States
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women 1968 Filmgroup/Roger Corman Productions Sci-Fi Peter Bogdanovich Norman D. Wells/Roger Corman Mamie Van Doren/Mary Marr/Paige Lee Henry Ney Astronauts discover exotic creatures and women on Venus. The Internet Archive The US rocketships bear a USSR logo.  Color United States
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet 1965  Roger Corman Productions Sci-Fi Curtis Harrington George Edwards/Stephanie Rothman/Roger Corman Basil Rathbone/Faith Domergue/John Bix Curtis Harrington After the moon is colonized in 2020 three spaceships are launched to explore Venus.  The Internet Archive The original Soviet Union title was 'Planet of Storms' Color United States/Soviet Union
The Wabbit Who Came to Supper 1942 Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Family/Short/Comedy Friz Freleng Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Arthur Q. Bryan Michael Maltese Elmer Fudd's uncle leaves him with an inheritance on one condition: he harm no rabbits.  The Internet Archive An illusion that Bugs is exposing himself is created when he steps out of the bathtub; the tub in the gap b/w his legs creates this illusion.  Color United States
Wackiki Wabbit 1943 Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Family/Short/Comedy Charles M.  Jones Leon Schlesinger Mel Blanc/Michael Maltese/Tedd Pierce Tedd Pierce Bugs washes up on an island inhabited by two hungry castaways intent on having him for dinner.  The Internet Archive The castaways are caricatures of the voice actors. Color United States
Waldo's Last Stand 1940 Loew's/MGM Comedy/Family/Short Edward Cahn/Steven Granger Jack Chertok/Richard Goldstone Darla Hood/George McFarland/Robert Blake/Janet Burston Hal Law/Robert A. McGowan The Gang perform a variety show to attract customers to the lemonade stand of their friend Waldo. www.archive.org "Our Gang Comedy" later known as "The Little Rascals" B/W United States
The Wasp Woman 1960 Film Group Feature/Santa Cruz Productions Inc. Horror/Sci-Fi Roger Corman/Jack Hill Roger Corman Susan Cabot/Anthony Eisley/Barboura Morris Roger Corman A Cosmetics business owner allows a Scientist to inject her with Wasp enzymes that has unexpected side effects on her. The Internet Archive Influenced by the 1958 version of "The Fly" B/W United States
Whispering City 1947  Québec Productions Drama Fyodor Otsep Paul L'Anglais/George Marton/Roger Woog Paul Lukas/Mary Anderson/Helmut Dantine Michael Lennox/George Zuckerman/Rian James/Leonard Lee A famous dying actress reveals to a Reporter reveals details of the murder that draws the Reporter into a web of deceit that threatens her own life. The Internet Archive This film was featured in 'Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? A History of Canadian Movies 1939-1953' B/W Canada
Westward Whoa 1926 Leon Schlesinger Studios Animation/Short/Comedy/Family/Western Jack King Leon Schlesinger Billy Bletcher n/a Pioneering Porky Pig and friends encounter Native Americans on the trail to the Western Frontier. www.archive.org A spoof of "Westward Ho" starring John Wayne. B/W United States
White Zombie 1932 Edward Halperin Productions/Victor Halperin Productions Horror Victor Halperin Edward Halperin Bela Lugosi/Madge Bellamy/Joseph Cawthorn Garnett Weston Jealous of a woman's fiance, a man hires a Witch Doctor that results in her becoming a zombie slave. The Internet Archive This features "Dracula" legend Bela Lugosi. B/W United States
Why We Fight 1942-1944 U.S. War Departmment/AMPAS/U.S. Army Special Service Division Documentary/History/War Frank Capra Frank Capra/Anatole Litvak General Chiang Kai-Shek/Walter Darre/Otto Dietrich Julius J. Epstein/Phillip G. Epstein WW II Era Propaganda Film series advocating alliance against the Axis Powers. The Internet Archive From the Director of the later "It's A Wonderful Life", this 7 episode series has been added to the National Film Registry. B/W United States
Wizard of Oz 1925 Chadwick Pictures Corporation Comedy/Family/Fantasy/Adventure Larry Semon I.E. Chadwick/Larry Semon Dorothy Dwan/Charles Murray/Oliver Hardy Frank Joslyn Baum/Leon Lee/Larry Semon Dorothy's odyssey in Oz where she is to marry Prince Kynd who was usurped by Prime Minister Kruel. www.archive.org Oliver Hardy of the comedy duo Laurel & Hardy briefly dresses as the Tin Woodsman, in his role as a Farmhand. B/W  United States
A Word to the Wives 1955 Telamerica Short Norman Lloyd Edmund M. Tate Marsha Hunt/Darren McGavin/Janet Riley Jerome Brondfield A woman tricks her husband into buying her a new kitchen by leaving him alone to prepare his own meals.  The Internet Archive This is a sponsored film.  B/W United States
The World Gone Mad 1933 Majestic Pictures Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller Christy Cabannne Larry Darmour/Phil Goldstone Pat O'Brien/Evelyn Brent/Neil Hamilton Edward T. Lowe Jr. When a District Attorney is murdered for discovering stock market fraud, another D.A. and a Reporter investigate. The Internet Archive Posters for 'The Vampire Bat' are on the wall in one theatre during a scene. B/W United States
Zorro's Black Whip 1944 Republic Pictures Western Spencer Gordon Bennet/Wallace Grissel Ronald Davisdson George J. Lewis/Linda Stirling/Lucien Littlefield Basil Dickey/Jesse Duffy/Grant Nelson/Joseph F. Poland Barbara becomes "The Black Whip" to battle a villainous stagecoach line operator who had the owner of her towns newspaper murdered. The Internet Archive Zorro does not appear in this movie. B/W United States
Zorro's Fighting Legion 1939 Republic Pictures Western William Witney/John English Hiram S. Brown Jr. Reeed Hadley/Sheila Darcy/William Corson Ronald Davidson Zorro death defying adventures battling Don Del Oro. The Internet Archive Zorro's stagecoach stunt is echoed by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. B/W United States