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pulse Pulse
Directed by:
Jim Sonzero
Cast: Kristen Bell, Ian Somerhalder, Christina Milian, Rick Gonzalez

Written by:
Torence Fallen

January 1, 2007

A college student named Josh unleashes a fury of entities while hacking into someone else computer.  The entities reach humans through wifis, cell phone and anything with a signal to suck their will to live right from them.  As these entities are released they suck the life force from the living.  Either causing them to commit suicide or vaporize them to ashes.  


Mattie, Josh’s girlfriend joins forces with a stranger named Dexter, after Dexter purchases Josh’s computer after he commits suicide.  It appears that Josh, before killing himself created a virus which could kill these entities.  Mattie and Dexter’s quest is to stop these entities to no avail.

The entities take over most cities.  Leaving the only safe places the dead zones, were computers and communication devices can’t reach.

All in all, this movie wasn’t that suspenseful and wasn’t too scary.  There were some quality scenes, like in the end when a plane goes down right above Mattie and Dexter’s heads.  It had similar qualities to The Ring.  Where after one views the entity on the screen they become a target.  It was done mainly in black, grey and dark scene, making the red tape that they used to some how protect themselves all the more apparent. 

I give it star.

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