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Directed by:
James Gunn
Cast: Michael Rooke, Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry, Tania Saulnier

Written by:
Torence Fallen

December 1, 2006

Slither is one of those movies that make you squirm in your seat.  Its black comedy amongst its gory scenes keeps the audience in “ewws” and chuckles throughout the film. 
The story begins with a comet or meteor of some sort hitting the earth. After the crash we join an overly protective husband, named Grant who is married to a school teacher, Starla.


Grant goes out late one evening after his wife refuses to give him sex.  He ends up at a bar flirting with a loose woman.  They head out to a deserted forest where he passes on her advances, before they go all the way, saying “his wife worries about him if he comes home to late”.  Upon his refusal they notice a slimly cocoon type creature slithering across the ground.  Grant pokes the creature; in return it spits some slime on him, and proceeds to shoot two long tentacles out of itself and into Grant.  Grant goes into convolutions and we watch as the creature reprograms his brain.  Grants loose lady of the evening runs home, and Grant does the same. 

Grant now has a need for flesh, and a need to mate.  However, because he loves his wife so much and doesn’t want to hurt her, he tries to hide his condition from her.  He starts buying truck loads of meat from the butcher, and creating a palace of leaves, dirt and meat in his basement.  His desire to mate becomes so intense he seeks out the loose woman from the other night, and impregnates her, using the same method as the alien creature used on him!  Two long tentacles come out from his stomach and enter hers.  Gross slime and seamen impregnate her.  Grant takes the woman out to a deserted barn area, where he feeds her unsatisfying hunger with dogs, cow and other farm animals. She grows and grows almost as big as the barn!  Finally a million squirmy leach looking creatures eventually burst out of her, turning her into a million pieces.  These leach creatures search for human hosts.  They take over humans turning them into zombies.  The clincher is that all these zombies have Grants thoughts!  They all go looking for Starla, his wife, his love.    

Grant’s body is now a pile of slime and slug.  All the zombies, some breeders, some impregnators, connect to his body making him larger and larger.  He tells Starla in the final showdown that he will eventually take over all the humans on our planet as he has done for centuries before on many other planets. 

Without giving the end away entirely, this movie made this Reviewer say OMG and GROSS so many times, I lost count! The cast of unknowns made this movie fun and totally unserious.  It’s a good movie for a fun evening at home, just make sure you’re not eating during the film, it’s going to make you queasy!
I give it starstar

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