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the fog

The Fog
Directed by:
Rupert Wainwright
Cast: Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, Selma Blair, DeRay Davis, Kenneth Welsh

Written by:
CJ Williamson

February 2, 2007

The FOG....it is what it is...
So the other day I decided to run out to the dollar show and see the remake of the Fog. Had it been anywhere but the dollar show I have a feeling I would have throttled the ticket taker until I had gotten my money back. This movie was aptly titled because it was one giant Fog!


This movie was aptly titled because it was one giant Fog! The original ("John Carpenter's The Fog", 1980)was an honest and truly scary movie. I saw it once and it traumatized me for years. Thinking that Rupert Wainwright could re-work the magic of the original by John Carpenter was apparently an illusion because this recent version well…sucks! Now I’m all about freaky mind bending endings but the ending in this movie wasn’t freaky it was just sick! For those masochists who still want to see it I won’t spoil the ending for you (if you can call it that). The actors/actresses in this movie (namely teenage superman Tom Welling and Maggie Grace) have absolutely no future in movies. The acting was awful and the dialogue was downright sickening. At one point after trying to out run the fog one of the main characters stated that "It's everywhere!" really? Fog everywhere? You don’t say? That’s what fog does it covers everything granted most fog doesn’t have ghosts standing in it waiting to kill you. As for the ghosts...One of them looked like Slash from Guns N Roses and another one looked like Tom Petty not exactly sure how that’s scary but apparently the main characters were terrified of them. Also a word to Tom Welling...Hey Tom Welling stick to Smallville and stay off the big screen I haven’t seen anyone overact that much since I stabbed my neighbor's son with a pencil when we were in grade school. Btw Johnny if you stumble upon this you still owesme a new pencil!! Anyway, if you go to see this movie wear earplugs to keep your brains from leaking out.
This movie gets star
While the human element was awful I thought the fog did a marvelous job

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