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the great santini The Great Santini
Directed by:
Lewis John Carlino
Cast: Robert Duvall, Blythe Danner. Michael O'Keefe, Lisa Jane Persky

Written by:
Matt Booth

February 28, 2007

"Pretend it's coming from the Burning Bush", that’s the way the character Bull Meechem expects his family and Fighter Pilot squads to treat what comes out of his pie hole.


In a nutshell that is what the movie "The Great Santini" is all about. Based on a great novel from Pat Conroy, and starring Robert Duvall as Bull and excellent support from Blythe Danner as his wife and Michael O'Keefe who plays his son.  The film is the character study of a career Marine Fighter Pilot and the relationships developed over a period of years with his Family and fellow Marine co-horts.  Bull Meechem is about as wound up a human being as you can find, who is a cocky pilot and heavy drinker. His frailties lead to a bunch of funny and heart felt situations, which are acted out quite effectively by the cast. This movie is a drama and fairly long, but the story itself will pull you in and keep your attention throughout. Most people will watch this movie again and again. No BULL!!


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