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the hammer

The Hammer
Directed by:
Charles Herman-Wurmfeld
Cast: Adam Carolla, Oswaldo Castillo, Harold House Moore, Rian Bishop

Written by:
Matt Booth

March 28, 2008


As a Fan of "The Man Show", I was happy to find out that ADAM CAROLLA was starring in a feature film. He makes me laugh, a lot, so off I went on Easter afternoon to see "The Hammer".

Adam plays Jerry Ferro, a Carpenter, who hates his job and boss, and lets him know on his 40th Birthday. His girlfriend moves out after finding out about him being fired. So he is down on his luck and feeling pretty lousy about life and forced to move in with his friend Oswaldo for a while. Oswaldo and his large Hispanic family try and make Jerry feel at home.

The one thing that Jerry has done well in his life is BOX, as he also teaches an evening Boxing class at a Gym near his LA apartment. Here he meets Lindsay, an attorney and city prosecutor, who falls for Jerry's charm at his boxing class. The Gym is a hotbed for some of the best amateur boxing prospects in the country. Jerry had some success in the Golden Gloves back in his 20's and still spars with anybody. The coach for the US Olympic Boxing Team sees Jerry easily knock out one of his top prospects and offers Jerry, still an amateur, a chance to make the team.

 This is the story, as the movie deals with 40ish Jerry's efforts to make the team and change his ways a bit. He is encouraged by Lindsay, played by Heather Jurgensen. They do some dating while Jerry trains for the Olympic chance. The Oswaldo character played by Oswaldo plays a key role in the movie, as well and is Hilarious. The Coach, Ernie Bell, played by veteran actor Tom Quinn, also has a young prospect at 178, Jerry's boxing weight. His rival Robert Brown, played by Harold House Moore is a tough young fighter, who trains with and eventually looks up to Jerry. There are some funny scenes throughout the movie and the 5 main characters interact well and seem to form a team. Offbeat Humor makes up for a sometimes slow pace and a supposed small budget.

 Many of the actors were involved in behind the scenes production and writing of the film, and I think they intended this movie to appeal to the BLUE COLLAR type of guy. They were successful, as it is a root for the regular guy type of movie. Adam Carolla fans will not be disappointed in the movie or his Boxing skills.

boxing glovesboxing gloves

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