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the she found me

Then She Found Me
Directed by:
Helen Hunt
Cast: Helen Hunt, Colin Firth, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick

Written by:
Matt Booth

May 21, 2008


Ever since that first close-up in "Project X", I have been a HUGE fan of Helen Hunt. Other than her TV work, I have seen every movie she has participated in. So I was very excited to see she had done her own project with the release of "Then She Found Me".

Helen plays April Epner, a 39 year old teacher, who wants desperately to have a child. She was raised in a Foster Home by a Jewish family and is married to Ben played by Matthew Broderick, shortly after the film begins in a Jewish marriage ceremony.

After months of trying to get pregnant, she finally does, only to lose the baby to a miscarriage. Very sad moment of the film. The Matthew Broderick character is unfaithful to April, so their traditional marriage doesn't last long. April then meets Frank Harte, a fellow teacher who is divorced with 2 children of his own. He is played by the British actor Colin Firth. They fall in love quickly, when out of the blue April's real mother pops into her life. Grace played eloquently by Bette Midler, gave April up to adoption at the age of 1 year old. She was only 15 at the time. Since she has become a fairly famous talk show host, kind of like Dr Phil, Oprah...

April is still angry with her mother about the adoption and these characters interaction are a big part of the movie. As is the romance between April and Frank. April can't seem to decide on things right away, and you are taken on her emotional roller coaster. She wants a baby bad.

Since I am not a professional writer or reviewer, just do these for fun, I am unable to describe all the emotions you will feel if you see this film. Helen Hunt who also directs and co-wrote the script for this movie, really has made what I will call a deep film. Man is it heavy, but I think she pulls it off to where most people will walk out of the theatre feeling as though they had been moved by a great piece of Art. It is a combination chick flick, comedy, drama, family film all rolled into one.  I have seen "Twister", As Good As It Gets", and "Castaway" about 20 times each, and will probably watch them another 20 times, so what I'm trying to say is, if you like Helen Hunt. Go see this movie.

star star star star
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