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transamerica TransAmerica
Directed by:
Duncan Tucker
Cast: Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Danny Burstein, Elizabeth Pena

Written by:
Eileen Grace

February 17, 2007

This movie is about a character named Brie (played by Felicity Huffman) and how she/he is working with her therapist to get a sex change to complete her transition from male to female


Along the way she finds out that in high school she fathered a child that is now a teenager in trouble. Stanly (played by Duncan Tucker) is a 17 yr old male prostitute, living on the streets. At that point her therapist tells her that she cannot allow her to have the operation until she at least meets with her newly found son, making sure that all the loose ends in her life are completely taken care of.
Her estranged son has had a hard life and is searching for his father so he can live with him and clean up his life.

Little does he know when Brie shows up to bail him out of jail that the journey they are about to set out on would have such a twist. Brie is unable to tell Stanley that she indeed his father and slowly the story unveils its true colors...
They take a road trip only to find out the secrets of both of their lives. Explaining how their lives got them to where they are now.

We kept the movie going to see how Brie informs Stanley of her being his father. The movie was just alright in my eyes, perhaps others will like it more than I did, however I can appreciate the meaning behind the movie.


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