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true believer True Beliver
Directed by:
Joseph Ruben
Cast: James Woods. Robert Downey Jr., Margaret Colin, Yuki Okumoto

Written by:
Matt Booth

July 9, 2007

James Woods stars as Eddie Dodd, a burned out hippie lawyer who won some big cases in the past, but has turned to representing the scum of the earth for the past 10 years. Robert Downey, Jr. co-stars, as Roger Baron, an aspiring lawyer that was familiar with Dodd's past cases and comes to work with him as an apprentice and associate.        


Downey's gung ho character rubs off on Dodd, so he decides to take on a murder case from 8 years ago, involving a Chinese gang hit. The Police and D A’s office had convicted an innocent man because of similar looks. The wrongfully accused man, Shu Kai Kim, played by Yuji Okumato, has spent the last 8 years at Sing Sing prison. He is involved in a prison killing, which sparks his mother into a search for an Attorney.

Dodd and Baron along with a cute PI played by Margaret Colin, do extensive research of the 8 year old case and become convinced Shu Kai Kim is innocent. These characters work well together. The prosecutor is played by Kurtwood Smith. He is very convincing in this role, which helps the movie. Dodd wins the right to retry the case and the battle starts there.

This film is very entertaining and it is easy and fun to follow the plot. The Court Room action and acting are well worth the rental fees, plus the writer makes hearing the characters names click. The late Charles Hallahan plays a key supporting role effectively, as a witness for Dodd. 

I give this movie gavel gavelgavelgavels.

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